Brutal Police Attack On 2000 Striking Workers At Honda Tapukhera Plant

On Feb 16 at around 7 p.m in the evening, Rajasthan police along with company hired bouncers brutally lathi charged the striking workers of Honda plant at Tapukhera plant. The workers were continuing a sit in strike from 2 pm in the afternoon. A contract worker was manhandled by supervisor as he refused to do forced overtime on account that he felt unwell. Before that, the company with an understanding with the the labour department was trying to scuttle the right workers to form their union. 4 workers were suspended and 2 were terminated, including union president Naresh Kumar. During the strike 2000 workers were present inside the plant while thousand others waited outside the gate.

The company management dismissed 4 workers and suspended 8 workers immediately. Bouncers were called in. Huge contingent of police arrived in no time. Worker leader Naresh Kumar and Rajpal were called by the administration for discussion. Meanwhile, the police along with the bouncers attacked the workers, chased them, brutally assaulted, teargassed them and took control of the plant and the area. Hundreds of workers were seriously injured. Now the workers have gone ‘underground’ in the face of state terror and to avoid arrests. Phones are unreachable. After the brutal lathi charge, firing, tear gas on the striking Honda workers of Tapukhera plant, the state sponsored terror continues to haunt down the struggling workers. The entire industrial regions of Tapukhera, Bhiwadi, Dharuhera are now totally under police control. The entire night the Rajasthan and Haryana police ran combing operation for workers in different residential places and picked up few hundred of workers.

The 5 member delegation of workers including union President Naresh who went to ADM office for negotiation before the lathi charge are still missing. The workers have no knowledge of them. This morning workers, being unable to enter Tapukhera, tried to have a meeting in a park in Dharuhera, but the police along with black dressed commando forces started picking them up from the auto rickshaw, hospital and housing complex. Ultimately we have been able to gather at Manesar. Maruti, Honda, FCC Rico, Napino, Munjal Showa and many other unions have reached and discussing the situation of Honda workers of Tapukhera plant. Some collective action will be decided.

Report by Amit Akash

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