Danger: Amir Sulaiman

I am not angry; I am anger
I am not dangerous; I am danger
I am abominable stress, Eliotic, relentless
I’m a breath of vengeance, I’m a death sentence
I’m forsaken repentance to the Beast and his henchmen
Armed forces and police men that survive off of oils and prisons until their cup runneth over with lost souls
That wear over sized caps like blind folds
Shiny necklaces like lassos
Dragging them into black holes
And I may have to holla at Fidel Castro
To get my other brothers outta Guantanamo

And the innocents on death row
Is probably in the same proportion as the criminals in black robes that
Smack gavels that
Crack domes that
Smack gavels that
Smash homes

Justice is somewhere between reading sad poems
And 40 ounces of gasoline crashing through windows
It is between plans and action
It is between writing letters to Congressmen and clapping the captain
It is between raising legal defense funds
And putting a gun on the bailiff and taking the judge captive
It is between prayer and fasting
Between burning and blasting
Freedom is between the mind and the soul
Between the lock and the load
Between the zeal of the young and the patience of the old
Freedom is between the finger and the trigger
It is between the page and the pen
Between the grenade and the pin
Between righteous anger and keeping one in the chamber
So what can they do with a cat with a heart like Turner
A mind like Douglas, a mouth like Malcolm, and a voice like Chris?

And that is why I am not dangerous; I am danger
I am not angry; I am anger
I am abominable stress, Eliotic relentless
I’m a breath of vengeance. I’m a death sentence
I’m forsaken repentance to the beast and his henchmen
Politicians and big business men

I’m a teenage Palestinian opening fire at an Israeli check point
Point blank
Now what?

I’m a rape victim with a gun cocked to
His cock
Cock, Bang
Now what?

I am Sitting Bull with Colonel Custard’s scalp in my hands
I am Cinque with a slave trader’s blood in my hands
I am Jonathan Jackson handing a gun to my man
I am David with a sling shot and a rock
And if David lived today he’d have a Molotov cocktail and a Glock
So I say down with Goliath
I say down with Goliath

But we must learn, know, write, read
We must kick, bite, yell, scream
We must pray, fast, live, dream
Fight, kill, and die free

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