Medusa by Claire Scott

If your mother devours you
mouth by mouthful

like Medusa
razor fangs, lolling tongue

a halo of hissing snakes
chomping arms and legs

the most accessible
then brain, heart, lungs

softly delicious
finally your soul

sweet ambrosia you
live inside her you

peer through the
holes of her eyes you

stare at a wasted world
blood smeared

and blood sated
in the end you

see what she sees you
think her thoughts you

feel her feelings you
metabolized by Medusa

you a life stopped short
shocked, you turned to

stone you in the
terrible gaze of her eyes

no blood coursing in
you but hers

yours calcified
in dread you

in the end

no mirrored shield
no winged sandals
no sword to slice
her skin

your mother
your womb
your grave

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