Anarchist Intervention During The Elections Of New Democracy

Greece, 10th January, 2016: This morning a team of people from the anarchist group Rouvikonas staged an intervention at a polling station of the right-wing New Democracy party. The group entered the polling station at Nea Philadelphia and destroyed some of the ballot boxes and wrote on the walls the words: ‘Temboneras lives’.

Nikos Temboneras was a high school teacher murdered in January 1991 during a large school protest and occupation movement. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his death at the hands of right-wing groups linked to New Democracy.

The statement issued by Rouvikonas after their intervention references the murder of Temboneras as well as the history of New Democracy. The elections held today are to elect a new leader for the right-wing party that formed one pillar, along with Pasok, of the old regime that ran the Greek state since 1974. Over the several decades of their joint control the dynasties that rule through the party played a central role in a large number of corruption scandals that helped bring the society to the poverty it is faced with today. Recently New Democracy implementation the austerity programs begun by Pasok and continued today by Syriza.

New Democracy itself is just a modern form of the political and financial elite that has ruled the Greek state for too many years. It was formed after the collapse of a military dictatorship in 1974 by a large number of people who had served in previous failed and corrupt regimes under the supervision of imperialist powers such as the USA. The most obvious example of this is the Karamanlis family who have long sat themselves atop Greek society and continue to be the major presence in the background of New Democracy today.

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