Over 60,000 Farmers In Maharashtra Have Committed Suicide

Statistically, ten farmers kill themselves everyday in Maharashtra.  Presently, over 60,000 farmers have committed suicide and the numbers aren’t likely to go down in the near future.

Recently a 40-year old farmer Sheshrao Sejul, plagued with debt invited his fellow villagers to witness his ‘last rites’ only to be discovered dead-hanging from a neem tree, the very next day.  The soya bean crop he grew on his two acre farm land had failed owing to the acute draught in the Marathwada region. Furthermore, he had taken a loan of INR 80,000 and had been excessively worried as to how to arrange for his daughter’s marriage.

Spurred by the suicide, BJP’s ruling ally, Shiv Sena  has taken a dig at the at the Devendra Fadnavis government which planned to capitalise on the ‘Make in India Week’ next month saying, “Did Sheshrao’s invitation reach Mantralaya? If such incidents continue in the state, should we term it Make in Maharashtra?”

Meanwhile, the suicide rates continue to soar. Although the suicides have been attributed to draught and crop failure, there have been instances of suicides being committed even when the harvest has been excellent.  With several factors such as inflation, exorbitant prices, fluctuating markets, debts and loans coming into the play, it is about time state policies underwent a thorough renewal.


Article by Archita Mittra.
Edited by Rohini Srinivasan

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