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#hokkolorob :Updated video of the protest in JU and ensuing Police brutality after the VC’s order

This is an updated video of the events that occurred in the early hours of 17th September in Jadavpur University: We added footage of the protest from before the police brutality that ensued. You can see how a peaceful protest suddenly turned violent after the cops and thugs attacked it.



The timeline of events:

7:30pm: Members of TMC enter the Jadavpur University campus

8:00pm: TMC goons start harassing the students, physically pushing the protesters and injuring two.

8:45pm: The VC issues an ultimatum stating that either the students evacuate within the next 15 minutes, or else he would use all force necessary to stop them protesting.

9:00pm: TMC, RAF and the police enter campus with tear gas, water cannons and lathis, and threaten students with violence if they resist. The VC refuses to make any statement.  The students inform the police force that they will leave if the VC issues an official statement  about the investigation into the case. The policemen act as mediators between the authorities and students, and 2 policemen go to meet the VC.

12:00am: Music and peaceful protests continue. More protesters arrive at the venue. A team from Presidency University arrives to aid the protesters as the policemen continue to threaten the students.

1:30am: Police arrive, lash out at the protesters to ensure a safe passage of the VC away from campus.

2:00am: 5 to 6 RAF vans arrive. Here is a first person account of all that transpired-

“ We were at Aurobindo Bhavan, opposite Gate no. 1, singing, when we suddenly see policeman coming towards us. This was around 2am. We got up and started chanting slogans, and fearing an attack, created human barricades(composed of men) to protect the protesters. We saw 5 or 6 RAF cars pull in and park outside Gate No.1. Then the main gate, which is always kept shut, was thrown open and policeman, in khakis, in white uniforms and even civil dressed policeman charged towards us and tried to tear down the human  barricade by pulling down the men and beating them up. There were no women police present and we were requesting the police to not harm the women. My friend, Diptokirti Samajdar,who was part of the human barricade was pulled to the ground and beaten repeatedly on the head till he was unconscious. They continued beating him even then so I jumped in to protect him and cover his head. The khaki police retreated as they did not want to harm a woman but the civilian dressed cops dragged me away by the legs. I was crying, but they continued to beat me, hit my head and backbone. Two of the protesters jumped in to save me and got beaten severely. The policemen then started hitting the students, both men and women, on their stomachs, heads and chests. The authorities were present and could see this happening from the other side of the grill. They offered us no help or first aid and refuse to give us water. The police then picked up the protesters, dragged them to the RAF vans and took them away.”

2:20am: The female protesters are molested (they grabbed women by the breasts and tried to drag them away) and assaulted by both TMC  goons, policemen and policewomen. They are beaten severely,dragged by the hair,and hit on their chests. The goons try to rip the clothing off their bodies. The students are severely injured. 4 students are arrested. The police hit the students with lathis and helmets.

3:00am: The police take the arrested students to Lalbazar police station. They were beaten bloody, the women have been molested. The arrested include Shounak MukhopadhyayDebjan SenguptaSiddharth Gabriel SinhaDiptokirti SamajdarSudhanya Pal, Sourav Ghosh, Arkapratim Biswas.

3:30am: The number of arrested protesters rises to 26. The remaining students take those who are severely injured to KPC for medical treatment, and then form a barricade outside Jadavpur thana.

4:00am: 36 injured and hospitalized with critical wounds, 40 students arrested. The injured are taken to KPC hospital.

4:40am: News of an RAF raid arrives. The protesters block the road. The students form an emergency group to arrange for water and food supplies and necessary first aid.

5:00am: First aid and water is given to the protesters at the blockade. The RAF is yet to arrive. News is received that one of the protesters, Shibham Ghosh, who was critically injured, is on ventilation.

5:50am: The police inform the protesters that they will be dispersed by force by the RAF if they do not disperse immediately.

6:40pm: The 10 girls who were molested decide to lodge an FIR. Barricade outside Jadavpur Thana disperses to GB at the campus.

1:00pm: Those arrested are released by the police. They return to campus for first aid.


The news of the events were updated in real time on the Facebook Page “Students Against Campus Violence”, and was transmitted through Facebook posts and status updates.Those not present at the venue coordinated to spread the word, ask for help and organize first aid for the protesters. For them it was as traumatic as those at the venue.


For more details (quotes, etc) click this link.

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