Man v/s Kapda: Video by M.A.D. and Eye Art Collective showing public opinion on sluts, clothes and rape in India

“Any regulated dress code from bikinis to burqas assumes that men are weak, impulsive, and untrustworthy.”

A woman’s clothing is not an incitement to rape.
M.A.D (Mad About Drama) in association with Eye | Collective presents “Man v/s Kapda”- the apparent struggle between provocative clothing and boners which ’causes’ rape. We have never heard of clothes catcalling men to rape women, but we HAVE heard men catcalling women they want to rape. Clothes do not cause rape. Rapists do.

This 16th of December will be the 2nd anniversary of the Nirbhaya Rape Case, so we wanted to record the public “perception” of clothing and rape. So we decided to ask a few basic questions to the citizens of Kolkata:
1.What is your favourite item number?And do you think women should be allowed to wear ‘short clothes’ ?
2. Should Modi pass a law that debar women from wearing ‘short clothes?’
3. Are ‘short clothes’ responsible for rape?

In January 2015, at ‪#‎HysteriaFemCon‬, we will be taking the discussion forward by analysing “Rape Culture and the Patriarchy” on Jan 9th. To know more, visit :

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