The Psychological Burden of Knowing Things Our Culture Doesn’t Want You to Know

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I’ve been here for 8 years on reddit, and things sure have changed a lot. /r/conspiracy is one of the few remaining places on reddit for real news. This sub looks like what the front page of reddit looked like for the first 3 years of its existence. It was about exposing things, the real truth, and learning about the world. This is what Aaron Schwartz wanted, before they killed him and killed reddit.

All the uncomfortable truths are delegated to this ridiculous-sounding “/r/conspiracy” which drives people away who are on the fence. These things that are often talked about on this sub are conspiracies, but they’re also news, they’re speculation or facts about how the world actually works beyond the face of things as we see them. This label of “conspiracy” is a form of censorship in itself, it pushes all the big deal stories to this one small corner of reddit.

If you’re newer to reddit, 4 years or less, I bet there was one day when you found this sub. I bet you went through the frontpage of this sub and couldn’t believe what you were reading. You probably thought “Why aren’t these things being discussed on the news subreddit or the politics subreddit, if they are true?” You may have looked in to a specific story or two, and started realizing that there is something to many of the things talked about here. So you subscribed to the sub, you started reading it regularly. Maybe you decided you don’t care about this divisive label of “conspiracy theorist”, that it means nothing to you. What idiot would be afraid of theorizing about potential conspiracies, given the endless lists of historical examples? What kind of sheep is so trained to be afraid of the truth that they run away from it thinking they’re doing themselves a favor? You start to question things in a deeper way once the tricks of culture become more obvious.

Obviously not everything in this sub is true, far from it. But there are some startling facts that have been presented over and over and have basically been proven to be true. Things like the actions of the intelligence agencies in overthrowing and controlling governments of foreign countries. The funding and support of ISIS by the US and Israel, via Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The fact the BRICS banks and the IMF/World Bank are run by overlapping groups of people. The fact central banks and corporations have far too much control over government, wresting control of it away from the people. The US-Israel connection of funding and arms and police training. The connection of Greater Israel with Zionism and the six-day war. The drug trade from Afghanistan, where 90% of the worlds poppies are grown, for US pharma and illegal drug trade profits. The drug wars caused by the US in Central and South America, for profit. The way the biggest oil companies have infiltrated the governments of the world for their own profit. The demolition of Building 7. Regulatory capture. Compartmentalization. Divide and conquer.

These things are very real. These things matter, and drive current events. They are generally provable to be true. They are “open secrets.”

This is the difference between the MSM (including the front pages and main subreddits of reddit) versus places like this subreddit that actually care about the truth, is that they will actually look in to those open secrets. They will expose certain interesting tidbits that are selectively ignored by the corporate media.

Once you start to realize this is the case, and that really sinks in, then if you’re anything like me you experienced a psychological trip of sorts where you realized how bullshit many aspects of our society really are. That deep down advertising is actually predatory and evil, it’s not that people just say that as a funny cliche. That there really are a bunch of psychopaths with no morality or compassion in many many positions of power, because those are generally the only people with the motivation and willpower to go to the terrible depths necessary to acquire a billion dollars or a high political position. They will sacrifice anything for it, including their morality and the lives of others. They have no problem sleeping at night.

You see the ideologies people believe in, like Christianity, or nationalism/patriotism, or sports, or even scientism (belief in the findings of the scientific establishment above scientific theory itself). You see the greed, people borrowing and spending their lives away, trying to get some sort of emotional perk out of it to make up for the hours of drudgery they had to put themselves through to get the money in the first place. People trapped in cycles, in bad patterns that merely reinforce how fucked we are as a society. You see the denial, you see people shut down when you try to talk about the edges of what they think’s “allowed” to talk about. You see people safeguarding their emotions beyond what’s reasonable, beyond facts themselves.

After a while, it crushes you to see it too openly, how many people fall for the bullshit. Everything is so messed up. It’s practically unbelievable. If you were like me, you are probably still in some stage of disbelief at certain aspects of reality even though they are provably true. Cognitive dissonance is something we all suffer from after living in this bizarre culture, the only difference is some of us try to rectify it and others just essentially distract themselves until they die.

This is serious business. These topics strike at the heart of what we think about society, how we think we should treat each other, and what we think of ourselves. What we should be honest about, and what we should hide. What we consider important, and what we consider frivolous.

We here are lucky to have the emotional motivation to seek out true important information, even if it is uncomfortable to digest. Others are not so lucky and hide from the truth out of fear, generally fear of losing social standing or losing income. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. You cannot save the willfully ignorant, they must save themselves. All you can do is actively make important information available to those who have not been exposed to it yet. There are many thirsty people out there who simply can’t find water, so to speak. If you’re “in the know”, it’s your job to share this information with others so that we can see our world and our human behavior more clearly. This is the information that our culture, media, and schools deliberately ignore despite being true. Once we can clearly see what we as humans are actually doing, then we can start to make adjustments and modifications to it that will have an impact. Otherwise we are just shouting at mirages and illusions.

Did you know that 40,000 people worked on the atomic bombs that blew up Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but only a few hundred of them actually knew what they were making? This is the power of compartmentalization. Everyone makes their little part, and only certain people have the knowledge to see how all the parts come together. Those people are playing the rest, in a sense. Human society is like this in a way, we are all “making our piece” and the pieces come together in ways many of us don’t anticipate that profit a very few, like a war or bank bailouts. We each only see our little world, our motivations and fears in our daily lives. We react correspondingly to the avalanche as best we can. Few question where those motivations and fears came from in the first place, and fewer question if they’re even necessary at all.

We program ourselves like a computer, our actions in the present create the conditions that allow the future to occur. “Be the change you want to see in the world” as Gandhi said. But also be the change you want to see in yourself. You can do it, you’ve been doing it your whole life. Just take their reigns of your own mind for yourself. Take off the training wheels of mainstream culture. It is not your friend, it is there to control you. To put your motivations and fears in to little boxes that serve the corporate and governmental machinery, all through your TV or internet connection. 5 corporations own 95% of American all media, from TV to movies to magazines. And it just keeps getting more propagandistic and consolidated, week after week. Did you see one of the biggest Hillary funders just bought The Onion?

The first casualty of war is the truth. The time to talk is before there is a war. Now is the time to spread the truth.

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