Mundane clipping café lives by one rule. They will have strawberry flowers crushing on you if you bring in a beautiful lady. You see a different room every time you come in. Different seating. Different smell. Different silverware. Different roof. Different wallpaper. So I went by one day smartly topped with golden brooches and colored heels with a man called dick. He buys me paper roses every day but today he makes a departure and returns with a box full of rain. Hello Sir, is this your object of affection? They ask at the gate to the cafe. Dick quivers like the tipping box of rain in my hand and bursts into tears.

Hello Sir, said Manager. What a beauty, Sir, said Manager. Dick is gyrating with tears. I give him an ugly smile. Manager comes by, plucks a batch of rain from my arm and watches it warning the sky. Rain plummets through the window and gives birth to a yellow butterfly. It bursts out through the window and returns to sit atop my head.

What a beautiful head, Sir . Manager says, looking up. Pinches his incurable desire for the woman with a yellow butterfly on her head and behaves unto pulling up a chair.

Sit, madame? This chair? Or your usual by the window?

Moitrayee Sengupta

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