Album Review: Distraction

Band name – Bear Hands

Album Name – Distraction

Release Date: February 18th, 2014 on Cantora

For Those Who Like: Foster the People, MGMT, Paramore. Passion Pit.

Notable Tracks: Giants, Moment of Silence and Bone Digger

Power and energy. These are two things that this album certainly does not lack. The entire album is equal parts pop, synth and punk. The tracks on the disc bleed into each other as if telling one long narrative and they scream with a sort of youthfulness and naivety. The band’s sound seems to perfectly mirror their hometown of New York City: it’s bright, loud, spunky, busy and romantic. Lead singer Dylan Rau packs punches with various yells and emotionally charging whines. His voice surely is not perfect, and that’s exactly why it is. But don’t let the voice fool you, behind Rau are three talented musicians: Val Loper on bass, Ted Feldman on guitar and TJ Orscher on kit. Loper provides a smooth rock behind the powerful and driving force of the guitar. Orscher definitely does not shy away volume and punch. His beats are diverse, interesting and certainly something to tap along to. The album’s single “Giants” teaches us how to let go and have fun. The track is booming, rhythmically driven and of course, romantic. If this is what the new wave of pop-punk brings, sign me up.

Alexandra Clouthier

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