Rainbow Carnival in Calcutta this December 7th

Sappho for Equality is one of the oldest support groups in eastern India for the LGBTIQA community, and is now one of the largest groups active with numerous gender sensitization campaigns. They have been the organizers of the Rainbow Parade for Gender Rights in Kolkata, every year.

This year, on the 7th of December, they are organizing a the 3rd Rainbow Carnival, to be held at Rabindra Sadan Premises from 11 am to 7 pm. The carnival celebrates love within the marginalised LGBTIQA community, and promotes gender sensitization and gender awareness. They seek to empower and liberate, and create a space where discriminated sections of society can inter mingle without threat of ostracization or fear of judgement.

The carnival will attract crowds not only from India, but from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh. There will be live performances, stalls and art. Earlier, in November, Sappho had hosted “Dialogues”, a LGBTIQA film festival at Max Mueller Bhavan, that showcased films from India, Bangladesh, Germany, France, USA and more.

Eye expresses solidarity with Sappho’s struggle for gender equality and gender liberation. See you on the 7th!

By কালো বেড়াল (Kaalo Beral)

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