Amazon Owner Jeff Bezos as Vishnu? What Fortune’s Cover Says About Capitalism

Jeff Bezos deciding to infiltrate the Indian market with his ginormous Amazon is quite interesting. Not as interesting as Fortune then picking this up and launching an issue featuring Bezos as a Hindu deity on the cover. They say first impressions are ever lasting, so I wonder what exactly it is that makes Bezos as a Hindu-deity seem like a good idea for the bright minds over at Fortune.

It’s clever. The business of religion in India is no secret to the billionaires of the world, so anyone setting foot in this market should play to their audience. But unfortunately, Hindus and international entrepreneurs of Indian descent, such as Anil Dash responded with outrage, and received a response from the editor of Fortune, Alan Murray, who tweeted an apology.

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“Amazon Invades India” with a Vishnu-faced-Bezos is like saying to all those who still haven’t recovered from colonialism (i.e. everyone with a conscience) that it’s totally fine for a privileged white male to appropriate a controversial yet revered idol of our society and then have it splashed on Western and International newsstands. The creation of capital cannot be packaged into a manipulative, and actually hilarious, mock-worthy, international celebration, which has so little do with the Indian nation and its peoples.

The apology, though important, does little to mask the on-going bastardization of Indian culture and heritage as an entry point to this burgeoning market. Bezos, if you want Amazon to come to India, do it with your own face… because no one is keen to worship yours anytime soon. You want to make profits, and you are certainly not divine in that pursuit. Fortune has turned you into somewhat of a joke as you are certainly not the “Protector of Our Peoples.” Bringing business to a powerful new global economy is a dream, so whilst you’re drooling, remember that people like you drooled all over us not so long ago and we have certainly not forgotten.

So, at best it’s an invitation, not an invasion.

And what’s more, Amazon is far from Godly. Deal with it.

Edited by Rohini Srinivasan.

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