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The White Man’s Nation Defined


Fascism is the final stage of capitalism in the heart of the US imperial center where the relationship between the state and corporation becomes indiscernible.



Even today we are slaves. As granted by capitalism, all over the world—we must work for the white man’s dollar, to obtain the resources we need to survive, of which is restricted and distributed by the white man.



The indigenous persons of many lands have been killed en mass to suit the white man’s desires, and to benefit his systems.



War is a business. War is used by the United States to maintain and obtain European dominance over other lands, so that they have damn-near complete control of the world’s economic climate.



Capitalism is an oppressive economic and social system. Power, wealth, and ownership of the capitalist class, also comes with ready access to the minds of the masses. Ownership and control of media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers etc.) allows the capitalist class to saturate the public with ideas that America is a land with limitless opportunities to attain wealth and hard work is rewarded. The reality of this message, which permeates capitalist societies, is that it only serves to paralyze individuals from seeking real equity and sustainability. The message keeps individuals on a perpetual ‘hamster wheel’ chasing that which is in real terms unattainable.



U.S. imperialism grants unwarranted access of the U.S. to the lands it’s militaries invade, and that its government steals land and resources from.



Through the oppression of all other races, the white man can advance himself and the white woman by diminishing the value of all other lives, cultures, practices, and existences.
Nocturnus Libertus is an activist and Founder of  The Autonomous Womyn’s Front.

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