#hokkolorob :Students beaten up, threatened and followed home from the protests

In a horrific turn of events yesterday, a student of Scottish Church was beaten up ruthlessly by TMCP goons outside his house for garnering support for the protests in Jadavpur University from Scottish Church College. The goons tricked him by asking for directions, and while he stepped into an isolated ally, kicked him in the chest and stomach till he was coughing and wheezing blood. Then they rode a motorbike over his legs and torso. A team from Presidency and Jadavpur reached him, took him to NHS hospital where he was reunited with his parents. We hope he will recover. Doctors say that most of the damage in internal. The X-ray of his lungs could not even show his bones clearly, because of internal damage and bleeding.

Multiple students who attended the General Body students’ meeting at the University were followed home yesterday by TMC goons. Another protester was called from an unknown number and given death threats if she did not stop expressing solidarity with the movement in JU.

A few unidentified men were seen wandering about on campus last night, identifying protesters and following more home.

Meanwhile,the case has begun in the high court are gathering evidence and medical reports. For further details about the high court case, please contact,Students Against Campus Violence . The government is using state machinery to target the students individually.With regards to invoking Section 144 on Jadavpur Campus, the Calcutta High Court announced that a university is a “public space” and no outsiders can be debarred from entering it.

A press conference was held on campus yesterday at 5pm, where students and professors from colleges in the city arrived to lend support and express their solidarity. Details and video footage of the police assault on the night of September 17 were shown to the Press.

The VC of Jadavpur University who appeared on NewsX stated that he feared for his life and hence called the police.He also alleged that the protest was instigated by outsiders as a part of a larger political conspiracy.He denied all reports of the lathicharge, despite footage clearly indicating to the contrary and claimed that he was unpopular as he was trying to enforce discipline on campus by breaking up drug rackets. Watch the full video here.


The Kolkata Traffic Police has updated their Facebook page with the following:
An unfortunate turn of events took place on 16th/17th night which was unprecedented. The Vice-Chancellor (V.C.) of Jadavpur University was gheraoed and was wrongfully restrained after the working hours of University till midnight; over an issue which is of serious concern not only to the students but also to the Police. Few lady faculty members were also stranded in the campus as the students had blocked all the gates allowing none to enter or exit the campus. Since past one week the students were protesting on an emotive issue for which action is already initiated by Police as well as by the University. It took a violent turn on 16th /17th night. The Police intervened into the matter on receiving information on the behest of University authorities that the V.C. and few lady faculty members were restrained in the campus and were threatened. The students were being pacified since 06 o’clock in the evening for allowing lady faculty members to leave home, which was not entertained by them. Only when the V.C. and the lady faculty members sent an SOS to the Police to rescue them at 02 o’clock in the morning, the Police tried to enter the university premise to rescue them. While doing so, the protesting students blocked the gates and did not allow the Police to enter the V.C.’s chamber. The students particularly girls slept on the thorough-way. The Police had to use minimum lawful force to remove the students from the way to V.C.’s chamber. The V.C. as well as the lady faculty members were rescued and brought outside safely. While doing so, the student suddenly became violent and attacked the personnel who were rescuing the V.C.. A scuffle broke out leading to injuries to both the parties. The Police rescued the V.C. and lady faculty members safely from a situation which could have aggravated into a serious mishap, without infringing the rights of the students and affecting the sanctity of the University.

There was no mention of the police brutality, the RAF or the molestation of students.

Meanwhile, members of the TMCP are slut shaming the students on the basis of their attire and circulating posts such as these:


A TMCP member, Shankudeb Panda, has been circulating photos of the students at the protests from his Facebook page, publicly labelling them as Maoists:





The Chief Minister of the State issued a statement claiming the innocence of the VC, condemning the students for harassing him, and failed to comment on the police brutality meted out on the students, the presence of the RAF as well as the involvement of goons from her party in the molestations.

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