Effigy Burning

#hokkolorob: Part 2 Protests resume after the VC is made permanent at JU

The Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University was granted a permanent position during the Durga Puja vacation despite continued protests by students and academicians across the nation for past one month that demanded his resignation. (Click here for timeline of past events). In response, the students resumed the protests with renewed vigour as the university reopened on  the 13th of October.

A General Body meeting of the students was held which decided on a continuation of the class boycott and immediate response to the VC’s new position. Students protested on campus and on the streets in rallies and burnt an effigy of the VC at 8B bus stop in Jadavpur. The effigy was wrapped in blue and white cloth in reference to the official colour scheme preferred by the TMC(ruling party).The police were present throughout these activities and filmed them.

The students interpreted the effigy burning as the slaying of the Mahisasura in relation to the Hindu myth of Devi Durga killing the evil Asura10668837_733171993443232_2890659601484161003_o

This rally was significant in terms of spirit and marked a new spark of the movement after the Puja break. The students had protested during Puja as well (Click here).


A circular, sent both by email and hard copy, to the teachers of Jdavapur University by the Registrar P.K. Ghosh under the order of the Vice Chancellor, disapproved of the teachers’ involvement in the students’ movement. The circular also accused the Jadavpur University Teachers’ Association (JUTA) of facilitating student agitation on campus and thus polluting the normalcy of the educational environment. The teachers, disheartened and infuriated by this, refused to budge from their standpoints.

Photos taken by Akash Gupta .

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