Shamed, molestor confesses: “I kissed her without her consent, groped her”

On the night of 4th May 2015, around 11:00, Joyee Banerjee, a student of the department of English at Jadavpur University was molested and physically accosted by Kabya Ghosh. As per Joyee’s testimony, which he agreed with later, he forced himself on her and started kissing her without her consent, groping her as well, and causing her physical injury. After being asked to stop, he continued to do so again. He then stalked her to 8B bus stand, trying to apologize for his actions.

The following is Joyee Banerjee’s version of events, taken from her Facebook profile:

“Sexual harassment, getting molested, getting beaten up, being followed has literally turned into a daily routine.
I have a case going on in Alipore Court against a particular guy (an ex-student of JU) on the charges of molestation. A very close friend of mine from our University got severely beaten up and sexually harassed by her boyfriend because he “thought she was making out with another person”.
Today, Kabya Ghosh befriended me over Facebook and while talking to me, said that he wanted to meet me. I refused his offer to meet him at Gariahat and instead we decided to meet on campus. Initially we were sitting in Greenzone with a few other mutual friends, and later, as the others decided to leave, we shifted to a place near Gandhi Bhavan (popularly known as the Factory). It is then, when he, all of a sudden starts forcing himself on me. Out of nowhere, he pulled me and started kissing while his hands groped my breast. I somehow managed to push him away and collected my belongings so I could leave. He apologised because he didn’t know if I liked it and followed me out of the stairs. Then again he pulled me and tried to forcefully kiss me while brushing his penis against my body. I had to use all my strength to force him away and almost ran out till I reached science-arts more where there were more people. Kabya then apologises and asks if I feel awkward. He tells me that he is sorry if he has offended me in anyway, while following me till 8B bus stand, from where I took a rickshaw to get back home. Attached to this post are the screenshots of the conversation I had with him after coming back to PG (for people who doubt whether what I say is the ‘complete truth’ or not)
I’m not in a state of mind to frame a proper account. Pardon my grammatical errors.


Kabya Ghosh also proceeded to harass Joyee after the incident, with constant phone messages trying to apologize for his actions. The following is a copy of some of Joyee’s phone conversations as well:

11193261_839421979440398_3528358033492965217_n 10995367_839422016107061_1111438945685919544_n10422587_839421992773730_1769295809263336658_n10906242_839422036107059_5737598592761403893_n11196345_839422049440391_5717112417115664211_n20490_839422076107055_170339132039560287_n 11059559_839422106107052_8741555965802331436_n  11200769_839422132773716_8611224636673253582_n11209632_839422159440380_8880983920497672383_n10930109_839422179440378_684850012173299154_n


The next day, May 5th, Kabya Ghosh attempted to cover up the incident. He denied all molestation charges, insisting that he only “patted her back”.

Furthermore Joyee received a call from one of Kabya’s band mates from the group he plays for, Not Yet Decided (N.Y.D.), requesting her to not make the incident public as it would cause Kabya stress, since they have a performance coming up and were concerned about Kabya’s ability to perform at said gig.

Kabya Ghosh himself made his appearance on Jadavpur’s University campus on the evening of the 5th of May, where he was confronted by Joyee and the general student body of the university who sought an open dialogue from him.He was encouraged to give his version of events, and the chance to confess and understand the consequences and nature of his actions. For the most part, the discussion was civil, though several members of the student community did want to take a more physical course of action against the accused. Thankfully no physical violence was perpetrated in any way on Kabya or any other members. Kabya confessed publicly.

Joyee initially sought to file an FIR. But through mutual agreement between the victim and molester, an alternative was decided upon: Joyee and the student body reached a consensus, where Kabya was to post, publicly and for all to see on his Facebook Profile, that he had committed a molestation against Joyee, as well as his attempts to deny the allegations- failing to do so, would lead to him being handed over the cops and an FIR filed immediately or in the event he removes the update at any date or time. After some time, he consented to make the Facebook post, and then was safely escorted off Jadavpur University campus.


The following is Kabya’s confession:

Third Voice: What they are trying to explain to you is what you saw as being… let’s say natural, which in your line was consensual, was actually not consensual, because it made her feel violated and uncomfortable, and I will not further words in her mouth, because she is right here to add on if she wants to. The point now is, is that what you’re calling a “misunderstanding” is actually defined as “molestation”, and that is wrong. I’m sure if you had that definition correct, and if you rethought your actions, and actually asked for consent, then this situation would not be here. So what actually needs to be done is we need to ask her what action she wants, what she wants from you. From what I’m hearing, including Joyee, is that you need to acknowledge that what you did- you call it whatever the hell you want, it is still molestation, you did it, and that’s it. Now, yes or no?

Kabya: If you put it that way, yes.

The following is Joyee laying down Kabya’s course of action:

Joyee: You take a selfie, ok? You will post that on Facebook, saying you’re at Jadavpur University. Those present here who are on Facebook, you will tag. Then you will say these all (the molestation) happened yesterday, I have molested this person, and I’m sorry.

The following is the post made by Kabya Ghosh on his Facebook wall, for public viewing:

“This is me, Kabya Ghosh attesting to the fact that Monday, 4th May, I forced myself on Joyee Banerjee, a girl I had known only since yesterday afternoon.

I kissed her without her consent, molested/groped her and I am guilty of other activities I only slightly remember.

I am also a terrible liar and I kept denying the entire incident until I was compelled to show up at Jadavpur university today, where I finally confessed all the allegations against me to be true in all ways possible.

I truly apologize about my terrible actions to them all and especially to Joyee Banerjee.”


The post was shared widely in the next 12 hours. Joyee commented on it, saying, “That was a molester speaking the truth probably for the first time in history.”

Kabya Ghosh has had a history of stalking women, with 11 women coming forward who have been harassed and stalked over time by him. As of May 6, his profile has been deactivated/deleted from Facebook, along with the confession post.


Watch this space for more updates.

Eye Art Collective would like to extend solidarity to Joyee, for  her courage and indomitable spirit.


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  1. anfem says:

    Shaming victims exposes your intellect and upbringing more than rhetoric or slang does.
    Your are an embarassment to JU – please do not associate yourself with it after such nonsensical stupid and incorrect remarks.
    The JU protest had more than 1 lakh people showing up to support it. If you think this is a “drama” and cannot see it for the human rights abuse that it is, please educate yourself. And spare us the trauma of having to read such inflammatory and unjust remarks.

  2. Avs says:

    While I never support such heinous molestation incidents and feel that the guilty is brought to justice, i feel that a proper inquiry and legal punishment is neccessary. using the social media as a means to cleanse the society is something too far from reality as social media is just a tool to gain attention and not rectify..

    • anfem says:

      the cops molested the students in JU during hokkolorob
      you just shamed the students
      wtf do you mean by “While I never support such heinous molestation incidents and feel that the guilty is brought to justice”?
      stop lying through your teeth to save face

  3. Avs says:

    Well, this has become a new ternd to demean and defame people in Facebook. If he is really guilty, why not frame a case gaianst him. However, an investigation will bring out harsh truths and then all parties may be at risk. so lets use the social media to express the grudge…also, lets appreciate that the guy from the very beginning (after the incident) had went on apologising…had this been some other states like Delhi, this would have been lets not ruin anyone life based on just allegations. to accuse, one needs to prove first..

    • anfem says:

      File a case where? At Jadavpur police station?
      Where the policemen broke into campus and MOLESTED students during hokkolorob?
      If you think filing a molestation case with molesters can guarantee justice, you’re thinking out of your ass, not your head.

      • Avs says:

        It seems thet the whole world has no other work rather than harassing students (rather some) of JU. there are hundreds of students who study there and they dont make such dramas. They go and study. some students do everything than studying to fulfill their ulterior motives. For these handful of students, normal students and their career is at stake. Myself am a ex student of JU and am ashamed that due to such rogue behavior of certain students the reputation of the university is at stake…

      • Avs says:

        amd yes please dont use slangs like ass while speaking…it exposes your upbringing…

      • anfem says:

        Shaming victims exposes your intellect and upbringing more than rhetoric or slang does.
        Your are an embarassment to JU – please do not associate yourself with it after such nonsensical stupid and incorrect remarks.
        The JU protest had more than 1 lakh people showing up to support it. If you think this is a “drama” and cannot see it for the human rights abuse that it is, please educate yourself. And spare us the trauma of having to read such inflammatory and unjust remarks.

    • rwik says:

      The article mentions why the FIR was not filed. Can’t you read?

    • Anaklusmos426 says:

      I’m glad you brought up JU in this argument.
      I am a current student of JU. I was very much a part of hokkolorob from day 1. I bled, was arrested and had the shit beaten out of me because I chose to stand up against a system that, like you, thought what we were doing was a ‘drama’ and that a simple apology would suffice. JU is not a place for rape culture. So situations like this will not be tolerated. You claim that certain “rogue behavior” is responsible for shaming the institution. I counter your argument and say apathy and idiocy from people like you who don’t give a damn about anything beyond themselves and their fragile little egos is far worse than the people who you’ve labelled as rogues and dramatists because they were…oh I don’t know…FIGHTING TO MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AND EVERYONE NEVER HAS TO GET MOLESTED OR ASSAULTED AGAIN.
      So stop acting like an ungrateful, half-assed wanker who doesn’t know jack about anything pertaining to either hokkolorob or this incident (the latter you could find out by…oh maybe, scrolling through the article)
      People like you shame JU. Hide in the shadows, spit your dirty vitriol at everything, instead of actually doing something constructive because I’m pretty sure you were one of the aloof idiots walking around town all gayly while students from your ex-college were being brutalized for a cause that they believed in and which was not very dissimilar than this one.
      But then again…it’s all a drama of ideas to you, isn’t it? :)
      There isn’t enough contempt and spit in the world I have for people like you. So with no due respect to you…get bent.

    • anfem says:

      You clearly know very little about khap panchayats in order to draw that comparison.
      Do you not read or do your homework before spreading your shit rhetoric all over the internet?

      • Khap panchayats are also very proud of their Kangaroo courts, and they react aggressively when someone points finger at them. They also think they’re executing some divine duty while denying existing law-implementing authority. No difference. None has the right to take the law into his/her own hands, doesn’t matter whatever the reason is.

      • anfem says:

        They’re also an instituition of sexual violence.
        I do not see any sexual or gender violence except in Kabya’s action.
        Nobody “took the law into their own hands”. The victim decided what was best, and it was mutually agreed upon.
        Learn to respect the victim’s wishes- especially if you are male and thus have male privilege. And please don’t start a shitstorm about male privilege- it’s feminist dialectics, please enlighten yourself and don’t pull your MRA shit here.
        You sound you’e worked closely with khap panchayats – do you have some confession to make too?
        I was not part of the kangaroo court, and i have no ties to the journalists who wrote that. as a long time human rights activist, i’m begging you to STFU and not mislabel such instances, because you are making a mockery of the violence khap panchayats perpetrate.

  4. Rita Ghosh says:

    What a shameful act, am ashamed to think this creep is from my university. He needs to be severely punished, I hope he is not let scot free. I wonder how his band members are even thinking of performing along with him !!! These sort of perverts do not even have the right to show their faces in public.

  5. Seriously???? What the eff is wrong with this guy and several others like him???? Whats wrong with their libido?? I wonder how these people keep themselves under control in front of their mom or sisters at home…. disgusting….

  6. Anish Iyer says:

    This is very, very brave of the girl, Joyee. But I think The guy was let go off a trifle too easily. He must have been at least asked to do some community service in the college campus. He also should have been asked to compose a song on how he would stop such action everywhere around the world if he could. Crime and retribution are alright. A chance to redeem is also required. Joyee, too should write a song with her friends and sing it for the world to hear. This could heal scars nicely. If the song is nice maybe we can forgive Kabya. And Joyee’s song should become the song of being brave and healing and forgiving.

  7. Joyee,

    Kudos to you for being brave enough, and for doing the right thing! I feel ashamed to say that I’ve known this guy for years now. He always had trouble keeping his dick inside his pants and he was always a pervert – of the highest order.

    Do us a favor and please lodge an FIR against him. If you’re standing up for yourself, please do stand up for other women also – if this guy gets away with this by writing a mere apology on facebook, and then deactivating his profile; he will think that he can get away with anything and repeat his act on other women – women who might not be as strong as you are, as brave as you are.

    So please, go ahead and file an FIR.

    Also, people – who are taking his side / letting it go: just because he wrote an apology letter on facebook; – are you guys all nuts? What has the world come to? Are we living in a bubble? I do a heinous crime and then I apologize on facebook and get away? seriously?!

    – Deep

  8. Akash Jain says:

    Great and much appreciated the way it is done.

    Saving the life of Kabya from not lodging an FIR, but still I feel some or the other way this Facebook post was very little for him. I am sure he will do it again with some other girl by creating a new Facebook account with any other name.

    Should have been a bit more as everyone needs to understand one thing. Take these things in a such a serious note that any one should have a feeling If I do this – this thing can happen with me.

    Joyee, a tight slap on his face by you and picture of the same should also have been posted by him.

    Anyway I liked the way it was done.

    Akash Jaiin

  9. Good job, but I think the girl’s identity ought to have been protected. In a society like ours in which victim blaming is all too common (as evidenced in senseless tweets by Farah Khan and others after Salman Khan’s conviction), it is perhaps better to protect the identity of the person assaulted so as to prevent assholes in society from heaping further abuse.

    • Joyee consented to her identity being revealed.
      And victim-blaming, like molestation, is a product of rape culture. It should not be feared, it should be shamed and eradicated.

  10. Kala says:

    From the snapshots of the sms it is not clear to me how Kabya has confessed to the molestation. I feel he has been held at ransom for the fear of an FIR to make the post. He is definitely at fault somewhere but ‘molestation’ seems a far cry from what I gather from this article.

    • Under the Indian Criminal Law there are two provisions which cover the offence of Molestation. Section 354 and Section 509 of Indian Penal Code 1860- Any person who assaults a woman or uses criminal force on any woman with the intention to outrage her modesty is guilty of an offence under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code. He may also do so with the knowledge that by doing so he would be outraging the modesty of the woman. Any person who utters any word or makes any sound or gesture or exhibits any object with the intention that it will be seen or heard by such woman or will intrude up on her privacy is guilty of insulting the modesty of that woman. Assault or using criminal force is an offence under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code while insulting the modesty of the woman through words or gestures is an offence under Section 509 of the Code.

      Kissing and groping accounts as molestation under the Indian Penal Code.

      If the snapshots of the sms are not clear, please scroll down and read the confession he has posted himself, and the transcript of the audio confession. If you feel that he has been held at ransom for fear of an FIR, please read the article again- Joyee wished to lodge an FIR but this course of action was agreed upon mutually by both parties.There is no “fear” of an FIR if the only guilty party is the molestor.

      “He is definitely at fault somewhere but ‘molestation’ seems a far cry from what I gather from this article.”- If you are trying to excuse his behaviour, you are an active participant in rape culture. Please, read the article before making hasty judgements and supporting criminals.

      • Kala says:

        Kissing and groping doesn’t account as molestation unless it’s been done against the person’s approval or after they forbid the act…And there is no solid proof that suggest that it happened….Now u will bring up the apology and the sms,and wat i have to say is if the sms and his apology are enough to prove he is guilty then why not file a report against him instead of resorting to social media justice and ruining his life publicly???…i mean she didn’t had any problems filing a report regarding her previous case…And were there any eye witnesses this time???i guess not,as they would have intervened and she didn’t mentioned of any either…..That brings me to the nxt point,WHY a person who got molested in past{I have a case going on in Alipore Court against a particular guy (an ex-student of JU) on the charges of molestation}will meet up with a guy alone,who she just met over fb????……………………Regarding the sms afterwards he denied the allegation regarding groping and only admitted kissing her once…needless to say the sms felt like a bait,she send the first one and it was clearly a threat that was made in order to make him admit certain things(which he didn’t admit)..Now many will say that it’s just wat he is saying in order to save his skin and there is no proof to support it,but then the same can be said regarding her claims….The apology too seem forced and fabricated almost to the point where it looked like someone else is doing it for him…..unless why would anyone attach their own pics with an apology they jst wrote on their facebook which got a tons of their pics already???i think there should be a proper investigation required to prove it’s authenticity…The whole thing needs to be investigated before crucifying a fool publicly based on mere allegations…..
        And kudos for the quality journalism u just presented which is more concerned about being a “CLICKBAIT” rather than a decent well researched piece of journalism….it really shined a bright light upon the real face of internet blogging which is smeared with biases based on agenda,lack of professionalism and disinformation……The best thing was that you shut a guy up who presented a different opinion by calling him a part of rape culture……Well guess what ???There’s no freaking rape culture as we don’t celebrate rape,actually it is vilified more anyother crimes and your whole one sided blind outrage based completely on allegations proved it….

      • anfem says:

        Listen Kala,
        I don’t know who the fuck you are or what your gender inclinations are, but you clearly do not understand consent.
        2. Will you fund Joyee’s second court case? Do you not have any sense to even consider her circumstance before passing rash and stupid judgements with if-then-else statements?
        Do you live under a fucking rock? How many “eye witnesses” saw Nirbhaya getting raped?
        4. You want proof? Joyee has enough injuries to PROVE it to you.
        5. “will meet up with a guy alone,who she just met over fb????……………………”
        6. Do you know the difference between a screenshot and and a conversation, you dumb piece of victim shaming shit?
        8. No one is crucifying in. Please buy a dictionary. This is a public service request.
        9. This is a report on the events which transpired. It makes no judgement of either party, but presents the facts as it is. Unfortunately, that is will never satisfy victim blamers and slut shamers such as you.
        10. Once again, you dont seem to know what rape culture, disinformation or reporting means—- why do you try to talk about things you do not know at the expense of people you do not know?

        This zine did not “shut a guy up” because they reported the event, they were not part of the proceedings- do you not think before attacking something stupidly?

        If I were you, I’d do my research before spouting garbled nonsense. But then, I’m not you, because I’m a feminist and don’t think it’s the woman’s fault if she got molested.
        Shame on you. You are scum of the earth.

      • anusuya m. says:

        The article says that he has a history of harassing and stalking women…
        Are you seriously defending this man for no reason?
        Shame on you…..your ego is not more important than social justice
        It is because of people like you that women are afraid to report gender crimes….because of people like you that shame the wrong people and then parade around spreading lies and “disinformation”…
        this zine was supporting us throughout hokkolorob and did not mis report once when so many other media houses did… don’t blame the wrong people because you cannot see the truth
        I am much older than you, and i have been working with victims for a long time so take my word for it… I was there that night
        i want you to reconsider what you have written and stop shaming joyee…
        God bless you and i pray that you realise your mistake…

      • kala says:

        @ Anfem
        1)He never admitted groping her or kissing her the 2nd time in those conversation..
        2)so u r suggesting if one don’t have the money then one can’t file an FIR???
        3)lack of witness also doesn’t mean it happened…
        4) And none of us have seen those “physical injuries” and probably nvr will
        5)Ad hominem and doesn’t really refute my point….
        6)Yes i do…and we are talking about evidence here….atleast the one she provided with
        7)the apology which felt incredibly fabricated and forced ??….i mean hell if a group of angry mindless mob pressured a person to eat their shit they eventually will….it proves nothing and should be investigated
        8)This is not a public service request this is a social crucifiction based on a prejudice and fueled by a dirty agenda.
        9)”Facts” that havn’t been checked or confirmed by any reliable source and merely just accusations…
        10)why do anyone try to talk about things they do not know at the expense of people they do not know?..

        yes they did shut the guy up by presenting only what she was claiming,also i never attacked anyone merely questioned the judgement of this khap panchayat of professional victims….it is u that is attacking people by insulting them just because they don’t comply with u…. do you not think before attacking something stupidly?

        “If I were you, I’d do my research before spouting garbled nonsense. But then, I’m not you, because I’m a feminist …..” So u dnt need to research or use logic or have any doubts only when it comes to a feminist just becuz u r frm the cult of feminism ??? Damn u sound as reasonable as a Nazi….I guess years of doctrination does that to people..

      • kala says:

        @anusuya m.
        the article says a lot without presenting us with enough evidence..same is with his history regarding harassing other women…..And i can see where you are coming from and no i m not defending him or her….all i m saying is we need proper investigation….i happen to know both of them in real life and to be honest i don’t have any good to say about them both…But that’s quite irrelevant here…
        The thing is that the most abused act in india is the one of domestic violence against women with only less than 15% to be actual case and then there is this rising number of false rape and molestation charges which is around 65-70% and you are saying i m the one who is suppressing women….they won’t show u these numbers…..they never will…Men don’t have much voice regarding these things in reality …All i m saying to you people to be reasonable and before jumping in a bandwagon.And If he is guilty then he must be punished.I got no love for him anyways
        Here i m talking about how this zine wrote a horrible piece of journalism and whether he supported us or not during that period doesn’t matter…what you are saying is stupid and irrelevant here….If u want to keep going this way then go on but i won’t take part in your idiotic senseless argument anymore

    • Debarati says:

      Before we engage in a conversation, I would ask you to calmly scroll down the screen from the top and look for the confession which is right up there. Not hard to find. Now.
      So, according to you, groping somebody or, kissing somebody without his/her consent is just fine? That shouldn’t be a criminal offence? Are you one of those people whom I have come across in the streets that has groped me/ molested me? Come on! out with the truth. You can do this. :)

      -If that didn’t offend you then you are just fine with molestation and you do think it is normal that w/men are commodities and they can be touched as and when you feel like, et cetera.

      -If you did take offence then STOP being a fucking rape apologist! Because you know what? when you defend a molester/assaulter/rapist that makes you equally guilty of the crime that they are charged with.
      That is how rape culture works, kid. If you didn’t like this arrangement of reality then stop positing mindless questions and start thinking about your orientation and where it has gone wrong. We can’t deal with your stupidity and waste time making you understand what rape culture is, how Indian Penal Code works et cetera when half the world demands our solidarity and mutual support. Thanks!

    • Mimi says:

      What makes you take Kabya Ghosh’s side? The nervousness itself suffices his guilt. He is a criminal. Period. You should not be supporting a criminal. Do some research on the convict(Kabya Ghosh),if possible.

    • Anaklusmos426 says:

      If you’d taken the time and energy to actually, you know move your lazy fingers over the mouse wheel and scroll through the article, all your grievances have been addressed. But of course I’m sure it’s easier just to spout your insane logic on slut shaming and what not. Get a clue and get your head out of your ass. People like you are as much to blame as people like Kabya, you colossally idiotic wanker.
      Thank you for reaffirming my faith in the logic that one should never underestimate human stupidity. Or more accurately human cruelty :)

  11. Pritam Chakraborty says:

    Good evening.

    I have a question which I would like to ask out here. Now what of Joyee’s future? The country has a force to ensure law and order in the country. Why not let the appropriate body do their job? Moreover will this ensure my sisters’ security a bit more? We look upon our country as our mother. I am ashamed I protect a country where my country – men do not respect the women.

    But I am sure such men do not even count to 0.01% of my country’s population. I am sure the mass is good and together such distracted men can be brought to the right track.

    Jai Hind

    • What of Joyee’s future? She has emerged triumphant and vindicated.

      The force that the country has to maintain law and order was the same force deployed against the students to beat them up during hokkolorob (you can access the footage on our site), rape 80 women in konan poshpora- and other human rights abuses which you can readily access from the internet. The question you ought to be asking is why we need a policing force to protect women, why women are not given the same liberties as men. And if you look at statistics, the appropiate body has NOT made any difference to the rising rape counts annually. Since we believe in victim-led persecution, we stand by Joyee’s decision because a woman should feel free to take action as she sees fit when her body has been violated by a man. A man should not be dictating what a woman ought or ought not to do if she is wronged by another man.

      I understand that you may feel apprehensive at the prospect of rampant rape culture- but we’d like to correct you- it accounts for a LOT more than 0.01%- you can access the statistics in the video we made that is posted here: .
      All statistics are from the national data records.

      These men are not “distracted”- rape culture does not arise from distraction, but from gender discrimination, sexism, cultural misogyny, gender stereotyping and gender violence.
      It is ironic that you say Jai Hind after the exposure of such a shameful incident in “Hindustan”. The problem lies not in India, or any geographical space, but in our minds- where we have been taught to think of women as commodities who have no rights of their own, where they are someone’s behen-maa-patni, but never a person in her own right.

      It is time we let women access public spaces, and command their own identities. The freedom from fear is the one that all women in india wish for, most of all.

      • Pritam says:

        I wrote ” Jai Hind “, cause I am associated with one of the armed forces of the country.

        My country is good, the men are good. Only some, a handful few are not in the right path.Am I sounding too optimistic? My better half says I am too optimistic.

  12. pranaadhika says:

    Third voice was mine, glad it made sense. Very proud of the manner in which Joyee and the student body handled the situation.

    • Well done. Its nice to see that perverts like him can be exposed. It’s just weird how the guy was behaving like it’s normal to kiss or grope women. Like what the f*** yo? How does that sound normal. That guy needs some serious mental treatment. I love the fact that you and your friends stuck by Joyee and helped her through this issue. It’s hard to find people who still have the guts necessary to stand by their friend, no matter what. I’d love to have you as a genuine friend. Please do accept my friend request.

    • He needed a psychiatrist more than the humiliation..Who will be responsible if ten years down the line this untreated retard becomes a serial killer.

    • Akash Jain says:

      Nice one – Pranaadhika.

      Still feeling that he needed some more, this Facebook act was not enough for me.

    • anfem says:

      amen, sister. and thank you for the help and solidarity.

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