Ganesh Talkies

Kitsch can be political and personal; Ganesh Talkies in Technicolor

They are influenced by, ”Shiny objects. Colours. Happy hours. And of course, the movies. In other news: Bappi Lahiri, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ramsay Brothers, Kumar Shanu, The Police, Jamiroquai, System of A Down, No Doubt, Mehboob Band” (as found on their Facebook page: Talkies, an indie-act from Kolkata is as quirky as anything can possibly get. To strengthen your fraandship with them, we suggest you read on:

Ganesh Talkies
Ganesh Talkies

What kind of audience are you aiming your music towards? Would you consider your sound to have a niche audience?

Anybody who enjoys listening to music would be our target audience. Our music is for everybody, you could be a jazz enthusiast and you could also be a hardcore tollywood music fan. It doesn’t matter, you’d listen to our music anyway. While we do get stereotyped as an indie bands because we write songs in english, at heart we’re as bengali as we can be.

Why the name In Technicolor?

All 10 songs in the album are colourful, fun and kitsch, if we may call them that. Hence the name ‘In Technicolor’.

What was your approach to this particular album? Was it different from the way you approached your previous works? If so, how?

We released an EP in 2012 to test the waters because we were attempting to play music that couldn’t be classified into any particular genre. It was very new not just for us, but the unsuspecting audience as well.It was a queer mix of dance, pop, rock, ska with a heavy dose of ‘bollywood’ added to them. With the album, however, we’re more sure of our sound. We’ve played most of the material live and kept a few new ones as well, which we tweaked and fixed in the studio.

Any plans for an album tour?

Yes, an album tour is in order. We’re launching the album on the 14th of September at ‘Control Alt Delete’ in Blue Frog, Mumbai. Followed by a special set here in Kolkata at Jamsteady, the Princeton Club on the 19th. We’re also playing at The Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh and The New Wave Music Fest in Goa. Apart from these, there are a few more gigs in the pipeline, the details of which will be revealed soon.

What are the things that you would say inspire your music?

Apart from bollywood, everything around us inspires our music. It could be our drinking habits, the cute boy/girl next door or the melancholy in growing up. Our songs are extensions of who we are. So while songs like ‘Raju Banega Gentleman‘ are about overcoming our self-doubt and maybe “making it” someday, ‘Fight Club‘ is the culmination of frustration of the ignorance of today’s youth when it comes to society and politics. But we’re not an angry bunch, we have a softer side as well, case in point being our songs ‘Disco Daze‘ and ‘Dancing! Dancing!

How would you describe your songwriting process?

Our songs usually come from an idea, any idea. We work on that idea and add lyrics, melody, harmony to it.

What kind of reaction do you expect from the audience? Do you expect them to perceive this album in a particular way?

We don’t really know how the audience will react to the album. But yes, we like how people either love us or they hate us, there’s no in-between. We look forward to positive vibes and some criticism too. The heartbreak would be if people were indifferent to it.

What is your favourite track from the album?

All our songs are our babies, and choosing one would be very hard. We’re excited about all the new songs though, the ones that we’ve never played live. Fight Club, Monsters In Your Head, Raju Banega Gentleman, Brother From Another Mother, to name a few.

What’s the story behind the name The Ganesh Talkies?

The name comes from a now-defunct movie hall in Kolkata. Our love for bollywood and pop culture of the 1990s was the main reason for us to call the band ‘The Ganesh Talkies’. Also contrary to what people think, the band came before the bengali movie, much before.

Considering there have been a few changes in the band’s line-up, how would you say your sound has been affected?

Our sound has evolved, more than being affected. We had an acoustic/folksy vibe when we started off, but with time, our songs have become more rounded, possibly even aggressive. We’ve been experimenting with our sound and while we’ve had more changes in the lineup than we can count, the primary songwriters and arrangers have been the same since the foundation of the band. For In Technicolor, we’ve been lucky to have Miti Adhikari on board as the producer for the album. He’s been an integral part of this record and we’re learning more than we could ever imagine from him, at every step.

Catch them live at:
8th November- SIN, The Taj Gateway, Kolkata
16th November- The New Wave Music Fest, Goa
21st November- The BFlat Bar, Bengaluru
23rd November- NH7 Weekender, Pune
29th November- NH7 Weekender, Delhi

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