Kolkata Police Refuses To Accept A Complaint Of Unwarranted Assault

27th August, Thursday | Kolkata: While returning home in a taxi at 7 AM, Pratap Basu (name changed on request) was confronted with a most harrowing experience. The taxi driver, on not having change, began misbehaving with Pratap. During the exchange, an unidentified onlooker came forward to assault him, punching him repeatedly. As onlookers observed without any interference, the attacker continued to assualt, eventually leaving Pratap bleeding, disoriented and with severe loss of hearing.

injury 1   injury 2   injury 3
After having recovered, Pratap went to the Gariahat Police Station with his sister around 3 PM to lodge a complaint. However, the lady Inspector (who was without a badge) and the male police officer who were present there refused to cooperate with him. They informed him that they could only accept his complaint if he could name his assaulter, asking him in fact to conduct an investigation himself. When Pratap reminded them of their duty to maintain law and order, the Inspector simply told him that they could not help him.

In response, Pratap pulled out his mobile phone and requested the Inspector to refuse to lodge his complaint on camera. Instead, she commanded the other policemen to hit him and lock him up, and the guard was commanded to lock the gates. He was struck down with a lathi – when his sister tried to protect him, she was almost struck down too. Pratap managed to scramble down the stairs before the doors could be locked, where he met with a senior police officer. The officer, assuring him of his safety, took him back upstairs to lodge a complaint. He commanded the Lady Inspector to take down his complaint, which she finally did.

Report by Srishti Dutta Chowdhury
Edited by Siddesh Gooptu

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