ABVP: Torchbearers of the BJP Agenda from Hyderabad to JNU

In a massive protest meeting on February 13, over 2000 students and teachers had gathered  to raise their voice in the wake of police brutalities inside the campus and the arrest of JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar.

ABVP activists holding black flags, raised slogans against Rahul Gandhi when he came to attend the meeting. As the media, disregarding the crowd, rushed in to meet him, it triggered off a stampede. However the students and the faculty body formed a human chain to block off the ABVP activists. The turn of events portrays how the ABVPs are torchbearers of the BJP/RSS. The youth of the nation have always protested whenever their rights to land, equality, and policies in work and education have been denied. Students like Kanhaiya Kumar, and Richa Singh, the first woman President of Allahabad University Students’ Union ,have always protested against the antagonistic Hindutvavaadis.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development have always acted under the dictates of the ABVP. Panjab University administration and faculty were denied its grants and salary when ABVP lodged a complaint of irregularities in  hostel funds in 2015, April. The Vice Chancellor’s setting up of an enquiry committee and submission of records went ignored. The MHRD forced the VC of Hyderabad University to take action against the Ambedkar Students’ Association when ABVP had attacked students.

In JNU, ABVP had filed a police complaint against a hostel warden who warned them from holding havan inside a hostel room to prevent fire hazard. In January 2016,the ABVP had also tried to prevent the screening of Nakul Sawhney’s documentary Muzzafarnagar Baki Hain in the campus of Hyderabad University. The documentary  portrays how the Hindutva is  instrumental in arousing communal tension in Muzzafarnagar. In states where cow slaughter is not illegal ABVP had attacked the ones organising Dalit beef festivals. Therefore, the events at JNU are not a one-off event but one is a series of successive attacks on student freedoms and violation of democracy in India.

Article by Swastisha Mukherjee & edited by Manisha 

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