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WATCH: Umar Khalid’s speech in JNU after bail

Highlights of Umar Khalid’s speech (courtesy: NDTV)

  • I can’t express the emotions that I feel right now.

  • I’m still trying to make sense of what happened.

  • If the government, RSS thought that they could break us then they were wrong.

  • We are proud that we were booked under a law under which great freedom fighters were booked.

  • The media trial even continued even after we were arrested.

  • The police showed me a picture of me and said that this was given to them by the Intelligence bureau. I said this is from my Facebook page.

  • I don’t project myself as a Muslim candidate, Muslim student but I was still treated as an Islamist terrorist.

  • The side conversations during investigations were on the lines that some prominent Muslims were patriotic, and it is time for us to prove our patriotism. We have been asked time and again to prove our patriotism.


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