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JNU Crackdown: Watch JNU Student Union’s Vice President Shehla Rashid’s Fiery Speech

Shehla Rashid, JNUSU Vice President, addresses students and teachers gathered in protest against the current BJP Government’s unprecedented assault on campus democracy.

A translated excerpt:

“The issue is not nationalism. The issue was never nationalism. The issue has always been to destroy and shut down public-funded institutions. Who benefits from shutting down JNU? Those who do not want that students should be able to study for 250 rupees, those who do not want that women should move about freely, those who do not want a Muslim girl to be elected to a student union, those who do not want that poor students, students coming from marginalised sectors, students without any political backing become presidents and general secretaries of student unions, those who do not want transgenders and homosexual people to have the opportunity to study without discrimination. But JNU will remain an exemplar. Of student-teacher-worker unity. Of gender justice, non-violence, rationality. We will stand up for our democratic values. We will take this movement forward.” ~ Comrade Shehla Rashid.


JNUSU Vice President Shehla Rashid addressing students who gathered in front of Ad Block, JNU to protest against
the arrest and imposing of sedition charges on JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar and others. [14th Feb 2016]

Translation by Trina Nileena Bannerjee

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