Solidarity With Irom: #15YearsOfResistance

On 2nd Nov 2015, Irom Sharmila will be completing 15 years of hunger strike to demand the Repeal of AFSPA, or Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

Irom Sharmila’s hunger strike is now the longest running hunger strike in the world.




AFSPA is responsible for human rights violations in the Indian North East and Jammu & Kashmir, and is used to cover up hundreds of reported fake killings, rapes, disappearance and torture cases by the Indian Army.

No justice has been meted out to the murderers, as under AFSPA, security personnels are free to shoot to kill, with unchecked powers.

Irom Sharmila is demanding a repeal of this act through her peaceful hunger strike. The Indian Government has ignored her fast, and has instead, arrested and put her in jail under section 309, for attempt to suicide. 



To mark Irom Sharmila’s 15 years of hunger strike and to salute her spirit to fight for this cause, activists are calling a Nationwide Protest to repeal AFSPA.

We are inviting individuals and organizations throughout the world to collaborate with us and to make it a joint effort.

  1. On 1st/2nd Nov, we all may do one or more things in our cities to express our solidarity:
  2. Submission of Memorandum to Prime Minister of India through a district magistrate
  3. Submission of Memorandum to a local Member of Parliament to speak on this issue in
  4. Parliament and within the party leadership he/she is member with
    Candlelight vigil/torch rally in your city
  5. Organizing a protest/demonstration/rally/busk/public film screening/distributing pamphlets/painting a mural/get creative!
  6. Observing a one-day hunger strike in solidarity with Irom Sharmila’s 15 year long struggle
  7. Photos/videos/articles about your protest to share with the world

We will be documenting the protest; please send photos/articles/videos/more ideas to eyeartcollective@gmail.com, or comment below.

Show Irom Sharmila that you stand with her!
Show her your solidarity on the 1st and 2nd of november!

Go on hunger strike with us, wherever you are. Go out on the streets. Write on the walls. Host a film screening. Protest. Demonstrate. And then document it. Write about it. Share it with us.
Every angry fist counts!

#India #Worldwide


If you wish to create a separate event for a protest/rally/demonstration/etc in your city, please please do so, and give us the link to the event so that we can add it below with the name of the city. Thank you!



Repeal AFSPA! Free Sharmila!

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