Rage Against CESC

Domestic consumers in West Bengal are paying the highest power tariff in the entire country. The CESC, which enjoys absolute monopoly in power distribution in Kolkata, Howrah and adjoining areas, is making enormous profit year after year, by hiking power tariffs under different pretext. The monopoly power exercised by the power distribution companies coupled with the total failure of the WBERC in protecting the interests of the consumers have led to this unacceptable situation.

We strongly feel that the latest tariff orders issued by the WBERC need to be reviewed and the following steps taken in order to protect the interests of the electricity consumers of the state:

1. Withdrawal of the latest hike in power tariff

2.Re-initiation of the process of Tariff Determination by WBERC and Reduction of Power Tariffs in Kolkata and West Bengal

3. Restructuring of the WBERC and making the participation of consumer representatives and public hearings mandatory in decisions on tariff revisions

4. Breaking the monopoly of the CESC in power distribution to Kolkata, Howrah and adjoining areas

5. Making pro-people amendments to the Electricity Act 2003 to strengthen the ERCs, make them transparent and accountable; Withdrawal of the anti-people Electricity Amendment Bill 2014

We appeal to all concerned citizens and power consumers to participate beyond their political entity and contribute to the movement

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