Police Brutality Against ‪#‎OccupyUGC‬ Student Activists In New Delhi


By Countercurrents.org

09 December, 2015


‪#‎OccupyUGC‬ student activists brutally beaten up in New Delhi. Hundreds of students are injured. Many are severely injured, especially head injuries. Hundreds arrested and many students have been molested by Delhi police.

About 500 #occupyugc protestors are surrounded by the riot gear inside the Parliament street police station Campus….

Posted by Occupy UGC on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Thousands of Students across India were in the march. The march was stopped by police on Ashoka Road and students were brutally lathicharged. Water-canon and tear gas were unleashed on the students.


Police crack down near Ashok road, in front of Le Meridian.. Students from all over the country stopped from marching towards the Parliament right now#occupyugc

Posted by Occupy UGC on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Amarjeet Ranpal Singh, and others of Democratic Students Organization (DSO), Punjab have been detained in Parliament Street Police station, New Delhi, while they were marching under the banner of #OCCUPYUGC against commercialization of education and WTO-GATS agreement which the NDA government is going to sign, whereby education will be made a tradable commodity. Amarjeet’s fingers have been fractured due to the police lathicharge. Activists of SFS, Panjab University Nikkee , Jagjeet Kaur Nikki, Daman Preett, Raminder Wazidpur were all brutally beaten and received severe injuries on head.


#OccupyUGC student activists brutally beaten up in New Delhi. Hundreds of students are injured. Many are severely…

Posted by Countercurrents.org on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The students in a Facebook post said women students were molested by the police.


Shameless Delhi police has crossed all limits. They put women in back seats of bus and inserted lathis in their …

Posted by Occupy UGC on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


One protester shared this :

” Witnessed in person for the first time, women comrades being physically attacked and sexually assaulted, their breasts grabbed, dragged by hair, hit between legs with batons, beaten mercilessly on stomach, chest and head, kept in unknown locations until students protested for their release, taken to hospital while they were bleeding, unable to walk and given moral lessons by Delhi police as to how women should behave respectfully in society. The images in head, of the cruelest form of police brutality unleashed on protesting students will never cease to haunt me. This society sickens me!! In loss of words!! “

Many students are arrested and detained in Parliament street police station. Students are gathered in front of the police station and shouting slogans demanding the release of fellow students.

CPI leader D Raja addressed the students before the march.



At the #occupyugc site right now. Comrade D Raja addressing the gathering before we start marching to the Parliament.

Posted by Occupy UGC on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Students united to question the consistent attacks of privatisation on education.

The demands can be said in a nut shell:

  1. – Education is not sale

  2. – Restore expand and enhance non -net fellowship.

  3. -Ten percent of the budget should be spent on education

  4. – India should withdraw from WTO negotiations.

  5. – Fund cut in education will not be tolerated.



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