Yet More Dalit Deaths Shock The Nation

Adding to the spate of brutalities against Dalits across the country, a Dalit youth named Satish More from Nariyara Village (Pamgarh) was tortured to death at the Malmula police station yesterday around noon. This is, by all accounts, the tenth incident of caste-based killing in Chhattisgarh. Caste-based atrocities are on the rise as another report of a Dalit youth, Satish Kumar Navrang, being murdered within the confinements of a police station has come to the surface. A video that shows the savage bruises on his body is being circulated where the barbarity and inhumanity of the upper caste policemen becomes more than visible. His crime – he allegedly wanted the defunct transformer in his area to be repaired, which did not sit well with the officer-in-charge who, along with the TI of Malpula Police Station, beat him to death. These caste-based atrocities are happening at an alarming rate that doesn’t generate much news in the mainstream media.

There have been reports of incidents where the entire Dalit community had to leave the village due to the rampant hate-mongering and belligerent attacks on them by the upper castes. While the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, Mr. Raman Singh, is busy answering questions related to the upcoming plan of constructing barrages on Mahanadi River and offering his condolences on the terrorist attack on the Indian Army camp in Uri on Twitter, the self-proclaimed vigilantes in his state are terrorizing the local population of Dalits in the villages. The unchecked killings and violence being perpetrated by the upper castes against Dalits are increasing by the day but they don’t garner the attention of the people. The news of these successive deaths follows closely on the heels of the detainment of around 400 members of Hardik Patel-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti across Gujarat on Friday, a day before the Prime Minister’s events in the state to mark his 67th birthday. Dalit agitation leader, Jignesh Mevani, is still in preventive custody due to an alleged “input” that Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCB, Deepan Bhadran has refused to disclose. These incriminations of Dalit youths are on the rise, which begets the question – why is there an increase in the systematic targeting of Dalits in BJP ruled states? Dalit Mukti Morcha is seeking support at the national level to mobilize and strengthen the Dalit movement in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Report : Prahi Rajput
Editor : Pallab Deb
Photo :  Bastar Solidarity Network-Kolkata Chapter

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