JNU Teachers, Journalists Beaten Up In Court By Lawyers As Police Watched

February 15, New Delhi: Teachers and students who turned up at a Delhi court in support of JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar were manhandled, beaten and forced out of the courtroom by lawyers who shouted slogans of “Long Live India, down with JNU”, in full view of police

BJP lawmaker OP Sharma was seen attacking a man outside the court, while journalists, students and teachers were beaten severely, had their mobiles snatched, clothes torn before being finally thrown out of court. These clashes took place to clear the court before arrested student Kanhaiya Kumar was to be presented.


Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on Friday by Delhi police for participating in a rally commemorating the hanging of Afzal Guru, who was framed as the terrorist behind the Parliament attacks and put to death by the state. The rally, which took place on February 9, was said to feature ” anti India” slogans like “Pakistan zindabad”. Video footage of the rally however revealed that it was ABVP activists who had joined the rally with these slogans to stir up trouble. The video proof has been dismissed by ABVP as false, and quick to cover their tracks, they also threatened to sue any media outlet that ran that footage.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said yesterday that the Afzal Guru event was “supported by terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed”. He further added, “What happened at JNU has been fully supported by Lashkar chief Hafiz Saeed. I appeal to all political parties that whenever such situations arise where anti-India slogans are raised, the entire nation must speak in one voice,” accusing the students of being terrorists. When questioned about this comment, the Home ministry clarified that his remarks were based on “inputs from different agencies”.

Echoing his words, Delhi Police chief BS Bassi today said about Kumar, “He gave an anti-national speech and was part of the unlawful assembly where anti-national slogans and speeches took place.”

Meanwhile, in a move that defies logic, ABVP has filed a police complaint against the Afzal Guru rally which ABVP’s activists were disrupting, as caught on video.

At JNU, students have boycotted classes, demanding Kanhaiya Kumar’s release, while 500 teachers of the university have also gone on strike. Vice Chancellor Jagadeesh Kumar, appealing to protesting students, said an inquiry into the Afzal Guru rally would be completed by February 25. The students who have been accused of organizing or participating in the event have refused to appear before the university inquiry.

Report by Manisha 
Photo courtesy: Om Prasad


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