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What Makes A Man Eater : Eliza Divine

Eliza Divine is an author, poet, and creative entrepreneur. Her poems have been published in various online magazines such as Every Day Poets and Infernal Ink Magazine. Eye Art Collective got in touch with her to talk about her latest anthology of poetry “What Makes A Man Eater”.

Here’s what she had to say.

“What Makes a Man Eater is a continuation of a previous short poetry anthology entitled What Makes a Mean Girl. The first was considerably less polished than the second. Each short poem in What Makes a Mean Girl was a raw burst of rage, sorrow, regret, fear, denial, and the myriad of other emotions and experiences lived by girls and women all over the world who find themselves targeted for abuse, discrimination, dehumanization, rape, enslavement, and worse.

The experiences are elaborated on in What Makes a Man Eater with more sensory clarity and in-depth story telling. Instead of scattered poems like in Mean Girl, Man Eater tells the story of a single broken soul who transformed into a predator before learning to reach her lost humanity again. The entirety of the story itself is fiction, but the poems are inspired by true stories.

Some of the poems found in the second anthology can also be found in a book entitled You Are Not Alone: Stories from the Frontlines of Womanhood, edited by Leah and Sybil Carey, inspired by the global activist hashtag #yesallwomen.

I intend to release the third part of the anthology series, What Makes a Monster, in December of 2015. Before that I will release an unrelated anthology called One More Awakening, featuring mixed media abstract art by Devon D`amo.”

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