“Manzoor Nahi”: A Song Protesting Modi’s Visit to Kashmir

The artist, Ali Saffudin writes on his Facebook page: “Our land has a history of being ruled by tyrants and hypocritical regimes, but we Kashmiris have always voiced our opinion against that. I couldn’t stay silent on this issue. This is a protest song against a political gimmick set to undermine the Kashmir issue and to influence our Kashmiri sensibilities through pseudo monetary packages. A shameful event done in the name of democracy.

Here’s the song:

Translation of the lyrics:

Which tyrant have you
invited for the dinner party

And caged us into
the prison of our own four walls

You’ve incinerated the flag of democracy
By the fire of dictatorship

And just to warm your own pockets
you’ve created this masquerade

And you’ve herded the people on gunpoints
to listen to your speeches

(Speech of Modi)

In the lap of my valley
I reject Modi’s visit

I reject the visit of
the killer of the innocents

Guardian of prejudice
I don’t want in our valley

I reject it
I reject it
Because I want Azadi/freedom

Azaadi from false promise
Azaadi from meaningless institutions


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