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An Evening of Kiarostami & His Times

On the 15th of August, 2016, People’s Film Collective (Kolkata) organised a full-day programme in order to remember the master fillmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who passed away in July 2016. In spite of the fact that it was a long day’s programme, the hall remained full most of the day – including the last session of the evening. The screenings of the films were interspersed with lectures and talk by film scholars like Professor Moinak Biswas and Professor Manas Ghosh.

Moinak Biswas delivering his talk
Moinak Biswas delivering his talk


Manas Ghosh delivering his talk
Manas Ghosh delivering his talk

A few of the films were introduced by students of Iranian films from the city like Afreen Firdaus Idris (of CSSS, Calcutta) and Sudipto Ghosh (of Film Studies, JU). Sreemoyee Singh also a student of the Film Studies department at Jadavpur University spoke of her experience of travelling in Iran to meet various contemporary film directors and screened her work-in-progress documentary on the experience.

Ranjan Palit in Conversation with Sreemoyee Singh
Ranjan Palit in Conversation with Sreemoyee Singh


Afreen Firdaus Idris introducing one of the films
Afreen Firdaus Idris introducing one of the films

The audience remained glued to their seats for most of the day, in the programme that was held at the Jogesh Mime Academy near the Rashbehari Crossing. Entry was, of course, free for all.

The People’s Film Collective also released a statement in support of the Dalit Asmita Yatra that was reaching its culmination on the 15th of August in Gujarat and also had a message board where audiences could write their messages of solidarity for the inspiring Una movement.

The programme schedule is given below-

A day to celebrate the cinema of Abbas Kiarostami
15th August
12 – 9 PM | Jogesh Mime Academy (Kalighat Park)


Session ONE | 12 – 1:30 PM
THE BREAD AND ALLEY (Nān o Kūcheh), 1970
TWO SOLUTIONS FOR ONE PROBLEM (Dow Rahehal Baraye yek Massaleh), 1975
 THE TRAVELER (Mosāfer), 1974


Session TWO | 2 – 3:20 PM
Moinak Biswas | Talk | কিয়ারোস্তামির ভুবন (Kiarostami’s World)
Sreemoyee Singh | Presentation | Kiarostami and After

====Short break====

Session THREE | 3:30 – 5:30 PM
WHERE IS THE FRIEND’S HOME? (Khane-ye Doust Kodjast?), 1987
Manas Ghosh | Talk | কিয়ারোস্তামি ও ইরানের সাংস্কৃতিক আন্দোলন
(Kiarostami and the Cultural Movement of Iran)

====Short break====

Session FOUR | 5:40 – 9 PM
CLOSE-UP (Nemā-ye Nazdīk), 1990
LIFE, AND NOTHING MORE… (Zendegi va Digar Hich), 1992

Report by Dr.Trina Nileena Banerjee
Photographs by People’s Film Collective

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