This Video Tells You Why You Should Reconsider Your Patriotism This Republic Day

Today, there is sufficient reason for celebration, as it marks the sixty-sixth year of the formulation of our constitution. Of course, it becomes another matter entirely that after viewing the parade on TV (as the residents of Delhi can vouch, venturing out of home is out of question), patriotism, national integrity, and such-like feelings completely dissipate. In that spirit, invoking this video which was released last Independence Day by YouTube’s channel Shudh Desi Gaane becomes essential.

The song, which parodies the eponymous track of the 2004 critically acclaimed movie, Swades, records the real issues an everyman in India encounters: rising taxation, public defecation, corruption within the administration, the ineffectiveness of the government, inflation and poverty. In the light of a growing nationalist discourse of development and progress, where whose land, whose labour, and whose development become necessary questions, this parody song concisely raises some of the most pertinent issues in the socio-politico-economical context of India.

Watch this video here:




Written by Stuti Pachisia.

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