WATCH: Nike Da Da Ding The Other Women

This video published on YouTube by user Epic Spiritual recently went viral for exposing the hypocrisy in Nike’s new ad.

Dedicated to the women who have been doing it anyway, for centuries. Without appreciation, without support, often, in very difficult conditions. With great co-operation. Definitely without shoes that cost more than what they earn in a month.

To put things into perspective, the user further comments:

For everyone who is saying that this video is at the expense of the sportswomen featured in the earlier video : it’s not. I loved that the Nike ad featured relatively unknown sportswomen, and put them in the limelight. Those women deserve all the celebration that they can get and more. But I wanted to expand the ad’s definition of what strength and power in a woman stands for to include the millions of ordinary Indian women, both urban and rural, who work very very hard, in their homes and in the fields, at tasks that also require immense physical stamina, as well as sheer grit and determination. This was intended as a tribute to them, to make their power visible, without taking away from the sportswomen in the first place. To put forward an inclusive definition of empowerment, not an exclusive one. One that is independent of branded sports gear or a certain way of expressing that strength. There is no single definition of what strength and power means, because strength comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and forms. The ‘heart of a panther’ belongs to every woman ( and man) who doesn’t give up under difficult conditions, irrespective of how that manifests.

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