Soni Sori Continues To Receive Death Threats Despite Police Security

Multiple threats continued to reach Soni Sori’s house after the recent attack on her, despite three high ranking police officials being stationed there. On the 25th of February around 8 p.m., written death threats were left outside Soni Sori’s house by unidentified individual(s).

In one of the letters was written- “Don’t feel satisfied because you have provided guards for your daughter. You have a daughter as well as a sister”.

There was an attack on Soni Sori recently where her face was smeared with an acid-like substance. Because of this, the government and the police force were compelled to provide Y-Plus security for her and a team for enquiry into the matter. Despite all these precautions, the threats reached Soni Sori’s house. This raises a question about the sincerity and the effectiveness of the protection being provided to her and her family.

A member of the Aam Aadmi Party, Dr. Sanket Thakur recently told members of the press that despite the presence of c the police force around Soni Sori’s house threats were thrown through the kitchen window located at the back of the house. Soni Sori’s daughter brought this to notice.

One of the threats read “The kids can’t be saved just because there are guards stationed at the house”.

Two police officers, the head constable and another security personnel reached Soni Sori’s house. At the time this was taking place in Chhattisgarh, Soni Sori was admitted at the Apollo hospital in Delhi. The ADG of Naxal Operations asked her to go back to Geedam. The whole matter may be linked to the long standing aversion of the state and the executive forces towards Soni Sori’s fight for the adivasis of Bastar. This has led to Soni Sori receiving a death threat prior to the recent chemical attack on her.


Reported by Sanghamitra Deb & edited by Manisha 

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