Hundreds Join Anti-Trump Protest in London

Anti-racism protesters gathered outside the US Embassy in London clash with 3 right-wing disrupters from EDL

BY MANISHA GANGULY| Thursday 9th November 2016

More than two hundred anti-racism protesters gathered outside the US Embassy yesterday, in the wake of Donald Trump’s US Presidential election win.

Organised by the citizens’ group Stand Up To Racism (SUTR), protesters with banners opposed Trump’s “dehumanising politics” and “racist agenda” with chants and speeches. The protest was briefly disrupted by three members of the far-right English Defense League, who tore up banners while shouting “white lives matter”, before being chased off by police.

Zak Cochrane(31), Assistant Convenor, SUTR, said: “While there’s a rise in racism, there’s also a rise in anti-racism- we demonstrate that. We need to oppose Trump: he may be far away but his words can have ripples and embolden racists.”

The Grosvenor Square building, the site of a glamorous election party attended by London Mayor Sadiq Khan the previous night, was surrounded by protestors of all ages from 6pm on Wednesday. Representatives from the Socialist Workers Party, National Union of Teachers, Black Lives Matter UK, local LGBT groups showed up at the solidarity protest, chanting “Dump the Trump”, “Refugees Are Welcome Here”, and “Black Lives Matter”. Nigel Farage, ex-leader of UKIP, who supports Trump, was also condemned at the rally.

Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate, won by a landslide of 288 electoral votes. The same day, a viral Twitter post showed how Clinton would have won, had only millenials voted. David, of the Socialist Worker’s Party, re-iterated that the problem was “old white people”. “Trump represents the millions of racist, xenophobic , homophobic sexist gun-toting lunatics in America, who now feel their opinions are validated because their leader shares those views”, he said.

Photo: Twitter
David, Socialist Worker’s Party: “We will give that man hell for 4 years, and make him regret he ever wanted to pick up politics as a hobby”


Ren Shane (pictured above) an American student at University of Liverpool, crowdfunded her travel cost to attend the protest at the Embassy: “The President of the United States is the leader of the free world but that world is not free with Trump leading it. ”
Ex-KKK leader David Duke tweeted on election night, “Make no mistake about it, our people have played a huge role in electing Trump!”

In Europe, other anti-Trump protests broke out in Berlin and Paris. The Trump campaign has been reached for comment.

In Photos

Anti-racist banners at the protest
Anti-racist banners at the protest (Photo: Manisha Ganguly)
A montage of “racists”: Putin, Theresa May, Trump and KKK
A montage of “racists”: Putin, Theresa May, Trump and KKK (Photo: Manisha Ganguly)
Weyman Bennett, SUTR Co-convenor: “We will not let our countries be divided by hate politics, racism, sexism”
Weyman Bennett, SUTR Co-convenor: “We will not let our countries be divided by hate politics, racism, sexism” (Photo: Manisha Ganguly)

Featured Image: A poster likens Trump’s racist campaign to Hitler’s
Video and Photos: Manisha Ganguly

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