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WATCH: “Why Hasn’t Central Government Declared a National Medical Emergency Yet?”

“More than 300 Adivasi children have died in Malkangiri in the past two months of Japanese Encephalitis, official figure says 110 but local activists say the number is much higher, what is happening in Malkangiri?

As you’ll hear a senior activist from Malkangiri explain, these deaths are not sudden deaths. Adivasi children have been dying since ’11, numbers reaching upto 1500 every year. Why haven’t the children from the area been vaccinated yet then? The children belong to Porja, Koya, Halva, Bhumia, Matia, Durua, Gaduva, Kotia, Kondadura, (Adivasi) Didai, Bonda (PTG) Dom (Dalit), Rana, Goud (OBC) communities, all of them from socially and economically backward communities.

Sonu Anugu, a local adivasi activist, in a moment of desperation says “No, we don’t matter, people can say what they want but lives of our children doesn’t matter, they wouldn’t be dying by the bulk if this wasn’t true. They have accepted it as their fate and so have we. What else do we do anyway?”.

We know why the Government and the National media is silent, they are busy pretending to convene midnight meetings about demonetization while children continue to die in Malkangiri. But all our Ambedkarite leaders talking about Dalit Adivasi Bahujan Minority unity, today is Birsa Munda Jayanthi. Birsa’s progeny, an entire generation is being wiped out. Where is your rage? When will y’all bring the government to its knees like you’ve in the past few months? Is this call for unity we keep making in all our speeches and writing just rhetoric? The situation is beyond horrifying, we need to come together now.”

Featured Image by Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes

Video and text by Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes

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