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Eye Art Collective is an independent feminist collective founded in early 2013. We are composed of student activists, artists, journalists, writers, filmmakers, designers and illustrators. We manage Eyezine, an online webzine through which we report on issues and events in our country and throughout the world. We also provide a platform for independent artists and focus on emerging countercultures that challenge the status quo.


We are a feminist collective, believing in a system beyond hierarchy, free from discrimination, and resisting all forms of exploitation and domination. As feminists, we acknowledge the right to bodily autonomy and the right to self-rule, which is denied by patriarchy. We believe in intersectional feminism that fights for LGBTQIA+ rights, and all womyn’s rights, whether fringe or privileged.


We acknowledge that the patriarchy or the system of a male-dominated society exists throughout the intersecting barriers of class, race, caste and religion present in India. Therefore, in order to address gender oppression, it is important to demolish the kyriarchy, an intersectional extension of the idea of patriarchy. Kyriarchy refers to all hierarchies of race, class, caste, sex and religion. It proposes the idea that oppression is dynamic and that each person is oppressed and privileged in their own way.


Eyezine was founded out of a necessity for independent media with a feminist perspective.  We felt the need to create an inclusive and alternative multimedia platform to challenge mainstream narratives of art and culture which ignores fringe voices, and to subvert dominant gender paradigms through our work to offer feminist responses to social political issues that affect us.


The first feminist zines were created to challenge the mainstream narrative, usher in counterculture and bring fringe narratives to surface. Eyezine is a volunteer-run effort to create a similar feminist countercultural network on a global platform through the internet. We accept contributions from writers, artists and activists without any discrimination. There is a small team of volunteer writers, photographers and editors who cover local news and cultural developments, and work based on a DIY ethos.

For submission guidelines to the zine, click here  or if you have already read them, shoot us an email at eyeartcollective@gmail.com.

All Eyezine writers and editors are volunteers who work year round without pay on a pro bono basis, so please consider donating to help support the zine.


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