Mail all submissions to .

General Guidelines for Submissions

All creators are free to submit as many times as they wish to Eyezine. All submissions are reviewed, and the average response time for submissions is within two weeks. If you have not received a response to your mail, email us at

We consider previously published work, only if the rights of the work are still with the creator. Please mention the publication where it was first published. Simultaneous publications will be considered, but please notify us if the work is published elsewhere prior to its publication on Eyezine.

The categories we accept submissions for are:

Art: including but not restricted to fine art, film, photography, music, performing arts

Culture: counterculture

Politics: indian & world politics

Perspective: opinion pieces/columns

Dissent: reports of protests and social movements

Please submit all text in .doc or .docx format. Mention the word limit in the body of the mail & attach all relevant copyleft images to be featured with the article. If the image is copyrighted, prior permission must be taken from the photographer.

If you are an activist or know of any such movements, please submit reports of proceedings/updates along with videos/photos/any other kinds of documentation.

Interviews of all artists (and we mean artists in the broad sense of the term), if independently conducted, i.e., not via a publication, are welcome. Please enclose a brief bio of the artist in question and contact details of the artist. The interview must not exceed 25 questions, if conducted in the Q/A form.

Please mail all visual media in jpeg or png format with high image quality. For videos, you can send us video links or mail us the video (760 pixels minimum).

If you wish to write a column on something that you think might interest our readers, mail us a letter of introduction, your bio and one work sample on the topic of your choice.

We urge you to familiarise yourself with the content on Eyezine and our T&C before submitting- but there are no restrictions on the type/genre of work you are submitting, as long as it is original, and something we’d want to publish. We are keen on collaborating with independent artists and giving them a platform for expression, as well as coverage for their events.