Project Eye Opener

Eye is an independent art collective that is feminist, animal-friendly, queer-positive and anti-racist. Eye seeks to bring about change through artivism, and we believe that the first step to solving a social problem is its identification and awareness. If a socio-cultural revolution is to work, it must spark in the brain in order to ignite something larger than oneself.

With this in mind, we are proud to present Eye Openers, a series of Events hosted by Eye to, simply put, raise awareness. We wish to facilitate meaningful discussion and dialogue, to make individuals cognizant of the ways in which society shapes them, and the ways in which they can shape society, if they so choose.

We plan to use film, music, poetry, art, dance to this end – any combination of effective mediums stimulating reflection and, hopefully, Change. Ultimately, our goal is to help people help themselves, in any way we can. As such, our workshops will be part film screening, part open mic, part discussion, and all “eye opener”.

The issues addressed will range from those of representation, societal privilege, the detrimental aspects of capitalism and consumerism, to sexism, rape culture, and homophobia – any social ills that we believe can only be addressed through awareness. The art that we shall promote at our workshops will help further our vision of a fairer, more egalitarian and open society.

Our primary aim is to make our audience – be they curious, concerned, or indifferent – question the world they inhabit, and the rules that govern it. By extension, we hope to make them question themselves. The discussion we hope to have will be fuelled by these questions, and the challenging of ideas will be crucial to the effectiveness of these workshops.

With luck, we shall be able to make a tangible difference to our own realities, and those of others around us.

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