Crisis Group: Turkey’s PKK Conflict Veers onto a More Violent Path

The International Crisis Group has published a report entitled: Turkey’s PKK Conflict Veers onto a More Violent Path.

In the report, published on 10 Nov and written by Berkay Mandiraci, the group highlights the rise in clashes in the rural areas of Turkey’s Kurdish southeast and the increasing repression of pro-Kurdish politics by the Turkish government.

Also touching on developments in Syria and the emboldening of Kurdish ambitions there, the report says the PKK has a zero-sum-approach and wants to replicate gains there in Turkey.

Arguing that the continued isolation of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and his position on the sidelines makes a return to peace talks unlikely, the report concludes that the issues at play cannot be resolved using military means.

“These domestic and regional parameters create an environment that is conducive to more violence in the PKK conflict. Inflicting as much harm as possible on the adversary may seem to be working out today, but as Crisis Group has argued in previous reports, there is no military solution to the conflict.”

Read the full report here.

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