Here you can find some basic information about the organization of the camp. It will be updated regularly. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. All the detailed information on the structure of the camp is accessible at: . This section will be updated regularly in the next weeks. 


The camp is self organized. That means that we invite every participant to help out in the organization and structure of the camp. Everyone can participate during the camp in one of the working groups and at the camp assembly.

  1. Infrastructure-technical team
  2. Kitchen/Cooking team
  3. Translators team
  4. Press, internet and counter-information team
  5. Economic management team
  6. Legal team
  7. Medical team
  8. Network/contact/welcoming team


The registration process for the camp is being organized by the No Border Camp assembly. More info here. There you can also send proposals for possible workshops and discussions. (Registration off course is not obligatory: We are just asking you to inform us about your participation, in order to make it possible to calculate how many people will attend the camp. This is especially important for organizing the food supply and other materials.)


If you need a visa invitation or have visa problems please contact us directly and as soon as possible.

What do you need…

  • Tent

  • Torch

  • Water-carrier
  • Toilet-paper
  • re-usable plates, forks, etc.
  • anti-mosquito spray
  • sun creme