Lawyers/ Legal team

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suitsDear camp participants,

here is the list with the numbers of the lawyers/legal team that will support us during the whole week. In case of police controls or other incidents feel free to contact them. The team of lawyers will be in continuous contact with the orga-team of Beyond Europe. First use the numbers with the * (star): These are the lawyers who will be active permanently.


* (0030) 694455918 *

* (0030) 6980508423 *

* (0030) 693409482 *

(0030) 6945250425

(0030) 6974890401

(0030) 6932435739

(0030) 69369991608


In the case of police controls (for example during the trip to the camp): The police has the right to control your identity. For this you have to show your identity card or passport. In some cases it is possible that they take you to the police station, in order to verify your identity. In this case ask for your right to make a phone call (call the lawyers!), but don’t answer further questions. The only information you should give is the information on your identity card/passport. There is no time limit for the police if they take you to the police station: Greek police often acts according to its own will, so the situation can differentiate from case to case. In some cases they will also search you and your luggage. But also in this case there is no constant rule.