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Here you can find some basic information about the organization of the camp. It will be updated regularly. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Status: 15th August


The camp is self organized. That means that we invite every participant to help out in the organization and structure of the camp. There will be the following working groups, which will also be presented during the opening assembly of Tuesday the 18th August:

  • Kitchen

  • Cleaning

  • Anti-conflict-team (for situations of conflict like in cases of violence, sexism, homophobia, racism … – This group will be mainly covered with people of the Beyond Europe groups, and be reachable via phone or the info point)

  • Protection

  • Childs-place
  • Music

  • Technical support



– Basic needs will be provided. Water, electricity and chemical toilets.

– Food: The kitchen will use food from local producers and traders without middlemen. We are planning to have vegetarian/vegan meals, but at some on occasions also meat. The kitchen group will be able to provide some basic breakfast and one main meal (evening) per day. What you need to have with you is your own re-usable plates, forks etc. or your own cooking equipment. !Lighting a fire will be prohibited in the camping area!. During the action or the field trip to Megali Panagia sandwiches or a local kitchen (with the help of the local citizens) will be organized.

– Cleaning products: All the products for cleaning will come from the well-known self organized factory VIO.ME. in Thessaloniki. More information about this project at

– Childs-place: We would like to make it possible also for people with children to participate at the camp. For this reason we try to build up, in cooperation people from Thessaloniki, a group which deals with this question.

– Info-telephone: Some days before the start of the camp we will announce here on the website a phone number, which will be the so-called “Camp-numer”. It will be active already during the construction phase of the camp.



We decided that the participation at the camp will be “for free”. BUT: That does not mean that we have no costs. Especially the kitchen will need financial support. We will announce at the beginning and during the camp how much money we have to collect in order to cover all the costs. There will be the possibility to contribute directly at the info point or at the kitchen.



If you need a visa invitation or have visa problems please contact us directly and as soon as possible.



The main language of the camp during assemblies and discussion events will be English. For the discussion events in Ierisos and Megali Panagia we will organize translation from Greek to English. But we will need for sure help to organize translation during the workshops. If you have translation skills and willing to contribute please inform us via email or contact directly the info point at the camp.



During the camp we will have active support from a team of lawyers. Here you will find the numbers of the lawyers and some basic info.



We need vehicles!

We will have for sure a small amount of vehicles, and also organize busses for the mountain walk or the action. But: We recommend, if you have the possibility, to come to the camp with your car or an other vehicle in order to increase the total mobility of the camp.



For anyone is interested to travel by bus from Thessaloniki in Chalkidiki, Sunday 23/8, in order to participate in the demonstration to Skouries forest, organized from the «Beyond Europe Camp», is able to call and get more info in the phone number below : 6970239967 .

What do you need…

  • Tent

  • Torch

  • Water-carrier
  • Toilet-paper
  • re-usable plates, forks, etc.
  • anti-mosquito spray
  • sun creme