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My Account Login

I lost my password!

A/I has prepared a service for those of you with very bad memory, that allows you to recover your password by answering a simple question...

Since the default question is about pets, the service is called GATTI ("cats" in italian!):

It is very important you set your answer before losing the password! (we suggest doing it at soon as your account is activated).

How to recover your password

[ a short guide ]

Step 1 - Call the cat

A cat will come and help you every time you are not able to login. Go on the login page, insert your username and a password (that will be wrong, because you don't remember it), and try to login. A new link will appear on the login page, if you click on it the cat will appear.

Step 2 - Answer your recover question

Now you see the question you set when you first got your password. Once you enter the correct answer, you will see a big title saying:

Ok. You new password is RtYcYEFnVMvu However, you will need to change it before you can use it again...

This means you have a new password, that is: RtYcYEFnVMvu and that you MUSt change it to use the mailbox.

Step 3 - Change your password!

To change your password, just enter in the user panel and follow the right link!

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