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A/I Eudora 5.x Configuration Howto

Note: the Eudora version (5.x) which this howto has been written for is obsolete, even if the manual is updated with connection parameters compatible with A/I current settings. If you use newer versions of Eudora and want to help us update this howto, write us. You would provide us with invaluable help if you could update this manual with us (even more if you send us your updated screenshots!).

WARNING: SSL support to encrypt your mail traffic requires you install A/I certificates. You can download it and install it from our Certification Autority website!

How to configure Eudora 5.x to download A/I mail

  1. Launch Eudora 5.x and open the Tools menu, choosing the Personalities tab
  2. Right-click in the panel and choose New to create a new identity. If you want to update an existing idenity right-click on the idenity and choose Properties, and then go to step 4
  3. If you are creating a new identity follow the New Account Wizard: choose Skip directly to advance account setup and insert your connection parameters
  4. In your Account Settings in the Generic Properties tab fill in your connection parameters:
    • Real Name: the name you want others to see when receiving mail from you
    • Return Address: your e-mail address
    • Login Name: your full e-mail address
    • SMTP Server: smtp.autistici.org
    • Mark the checkbox Secure Sockets, Required, Alternate Port
  5. In the Incoming Mail tab:
    • Pop server: mail.autistici.org
    • Mark the checkbox Secure Sockets, Required, Alternate Port.
  6. Now when you download or send emails you should see a lock icon visualized in your Eudora window. Enjoy!
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