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How to set up X-chat Aqua per A/I's IRC service

X-chat Aqua is a version for Mac OSX of a well-known IRC client and it can be downloaded here.

It requires Mac OSX 10.3.X or later versions.

Once you've installed and launched the program, select 'Server List' in the 'File' menu, and you'll be presented with a window containing the available server list.

Click the '+' button (in the lower left side) to add a new server: you'll now see a generic 'New Network'
Select this server and click the 'Edit' button (next to the - button in the lower left side) to enter A/I's server data.

Write irc.autistici.org in the server section and 9999 in the Port section. Enter your nick.
Select 'Use SSL for all the servers in this netword' and 'Accept invalid SSL certificate'.
Click the 'Done' button.

Go back to the first window (see picture above): now you can click the 'Connect' button to connect to the server.

If you enter the settings correctly, you are now connected to the IRC server. If you want to know more about IRC, read the IRC Services Howto. If you wish to anonymize your connection through TOR, read the instructions in our XChat howto.

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