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A/I GAIM Setup

As we are writing this howto, Gaim lacks some functions for IRC (SSL) that may prevent your privacy from being violated. We therefore advise you to use XChat unless you want to spend a lot of time in fixing the problem by compiling Gaim from scratch :)

Download gaim (windows and linux).

Once you've installed the program (if you use Windows, look for Win32 Installer), launch it and you'll see this window:

Click 'Accounts' and a new window will open.

Click 'Add' and the window 'Add Account' will open.

In the 'Add Account' window, select 'IRC' in the pull-down menu.
Enter your nick in the 'User Name' window, and ai.irc.mufdh0.net in the 'Server' box. In the 'alias' box write the name you prefer to chat with.

Finally click 'Show more options' and enter 6667 in the Port section. Save your settings by clicking on the 'Save' button.

You'll now see the first window again and you'll just have to click on the 'Online' box in order to connect.

Every time you run Gaim, you'll see this window.

If you want to connect, just enter your password and click 'Connect'. Have fun :)

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