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At the beginning of the computational era, only a few people had access to big, expensive and powerful computers, the so-called mainframes.

The personal computer revolution granted easy access to computational power to everyone, and allowed all the possibilities offered by this wonderful tools to be fully exploited.

Today, higher computational power is obtained in industry and research data centers by aggregating the power of hundreds of devices, different from each other in architecture, resources, location and property.

Most recent technologies are used to collect all the available resources and put them together, to expand the range of possibilities offered by computation.

We want to learn how those technologies work, how to use them, and to share that knowledge with other people.

New software and new algorithms are developed to exploit that incredible computational power, but they are specifically thought for commercial or research purposes.

We want the people experiment with grid technologies and use them to boost their creativity, giving new aims and meanings to their experience with computers.

The project

HackGrid is a project with several souls, born to provide tools which extend the possibilities of the communities which take part in it.

HackGrid joins together clusters of computers for distributed computing, to provide a higher computing power to the participant community.

HackGrid aims to build a net of relationships between italian and foreign hacklabs (called HackNet) to help the free exchange of knowledge.


The three main stages of the project are:

  1. to build the clusters in the various places by those who want to join the project
  2. to build the Hacknet joining the clusters
  3. to exploit the clusters, using the resources for the projects chosen by the community
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