#warsow.pickup is an IRC Channel, in which you can find players to play our beloved game.
For participating you will of course need the current version of the game. You can get it here.

Pickup is made for players, who are looking for some more “serious” gameplay than they can find on public servers. However, that does not mean that everyone playing pickups has to be an amazing player, or any good at all.

Pickup is not just for those “pros” of the community, it is a tool for those new to the game to get to know gametypes and improve also.

How it works


  1.  Use the command “!add ”, where is whatever you want to play. It is possible to add to multiple games with !add. Examples:
    • !add (-> you will be added to all the gametypes on topic)
    • !add tdm (-> you will be added to the tdm gametype)
    • !add ctf tdm (-> you will be added to both ctf and tdm)
  2.  If for some reason you have to go before a pickup starts use the !remove command. It will remove you from all gametypes you were added to. !remove <gametype> will remove you from the specified gametype/s only.
  3.  With !who you can see who is added to which gametype. “!promote” will promote the gametype that needs fewest players to start.
  4.  When enough players have added to one gametype, echbot will query you with the server and password as well as telling you the captains for the match. Join the server ingame by opening the console and using the “connect ” command.

On the Server:

  1. You should use your IRC nick as your ingame nick to prevent confusion. If you are not added to the game put “spec” in your name.
  2. When everyone has connected, everyone but the two captains has to switch to spectator mode.
  3. The captains will then start to pick players for their team. First pick is decided by a cointoss using the ‘cointoss heads’ or ‘cointoss tails’ command.
  4. Remember that we want teams to be fair. Hence if you don’t know players and are assigned as captain, you should ask someone else to be captain for you. If the captains are not equally skilled, other captains can be suggested as well.

For a complete list of commands see here.