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Background information about NATO security conference

After the unconditional capitulation of Nazi Wehrmacht in 1945, the Western Allies USA, Great Britain and France decided that Western Germany, as a state at the border of the “communist” Eastern block, should play a key role in „defence”. This role could only be fulfilled by the re-construction of a German army. So, in 1956, the new Western-German army, called “Bundeswehr”, was founded; already one year before, Western Germany had become member of the NATO. ...

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Legal advice for the actions against the NATO-Meeting

Following is a summary of the most important legal advices, especially for foreign people. For general information on demonstration behavior and legal aspects please look for literature in your own language or contact a local legal aid group. Further down we provide more information in German language.Hints for the Arrival:

We suspect that for the time of the NATO-meeting the Schengen-Contract will be again temporarily abrogated. This means there will be border controls ...

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smash NATO

6th-7th February 2009 Munich

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