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Smash NATO 2009

So, come to munich on 6th/7th February 2009!
We’ll meet in the internationalist block!

Let’s spoil the 60th. anniversary of NATO
in Strasbourg on April 4-8!

From Munich to Strassbourg: Smash We Can

On Saturday, February 7th, 2009 over 6000 people demonstrated against NATO’s so-called Security Conference (which the demonstrations dubbed “SiKo”) in Munich, in the southern German province of Bavaria.

Beginning at noon, with the sun shining, demonstrators came together in Marienplazt (central Munich). Spirits were high, in spite of the overwhelming display of force by the more than 3700 police offices from around Germany

From Munich to Strasbourg: Smash We Can

On Saturday, February 7th, ...

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Smash, we can! Sabotage the State of War!

February, 2009 – once again, the leaders of the NATO-states and their allies, as well as representatives of the military industry will be meeting in Munich. The so called Security Conference is, according to it’s new chairman Wolfgang Ischinger, the “most important forum for decision-makers in international security policy to exchange their thoughts”. The result of this military “security policy” means death and oppression for millions of people.

April, 2009 – on ...

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Appeal by the Action Alliance against the NATO-“Security Conference“

No Peace with the NATO War Policy!

They talk about “Security”, but their policy means war, torture and militarisation: In the sixtieth year of existence, high ranking military strategists and government officials of the NATO states meet once again with armament lobbyists for the so called Munich Conference on Security Policy.

Shielded by barriers, water cannons and police units they come together in the luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich to ...

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About the search of the convergence center

About the search of the convergence center, where the mobilizing against the NATO security conference took place.

This is only the first, short statement of 5 a.m this morning, without an extensive overview what has happened. A longer explanation will follow.

On 7th Feb. ca. 11 p.m. the convergence center was stormed by strong police-forces. A few hundered of the notorious Bavarian special task force (USK) violently forced their way into our ...

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Summary of the happenings in Munich 2003

Friday the protests against the NATO security conference began with actions of the pink-and-silver group in the inner city of Munich, where the first few activists were arrested. Subsequently the first rally on Marienplatz at 5 p.m.. Approximately 2000 – 3000 activists were present. The welcome-celebration of the city of Munich and the participants of the security conference, the cause for the rally, was relocated from the city hall to the hotel “Bayerischer Hof” ...

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smash NATO

6th-7th February 2009 Munich

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