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A short tale about why we are who we are and why we do what we do

When we wrote our first manifesto, the world was a fairly uncomplicated place to live our days off. After two World Wars, two A-bombs, thirty year of cold war and a state of more or less permanent war, we carried on dipped in a man-eating system based on money. Our perspectives were limited and our future set into the shape of a snake eating its own tail. In those dark times A/I was a place for us to resist and to survive. We wanted to contribute the things we were able to do to the small, headstrong and determined community of those who could accept the games of power and money. Back then we were forced to define ourselves by negative statements, since the things happening around us were so disgusting it was necessary to keep them at a distance without any uncertainty: so antifascists, antiracists, antisexists, antimilitarists we were (and we are); and of course it was necessary to state very clearly our nature was (and is) non-commercial, since we wanted to make clear that A/I represented time stolen from our daily toil, from the precarious and wearying torments of a job, that it stood for the joy, the sweat, the hardwork and tears of the struggles we participated into against a world shaped into a coin. In those flexibly painful times mankind was replaced by human capital (where capital is the noun and human just and adjective, be careful). Being forced to take a side on such a stage, our primary need became to unite and to contribute with our skills and ideas to the survival of critical thinking and of our very lives. Technology comes from the ability of man to use its opposable thumb but in those times it completed its transformation in religious belief, becoming a strategic sector for an endlessly developing progress both deceptive and suicidal. The cycle of life: consuming resources to produce objects which will soon become rubbish. Trash growing, resources dwindling, faster and faster, in a process based in the belief that the cake would never be exhausted and that any problem could be addressed and solved through a technical breakthrough. People knew they were deceiving themselves and carried on hoping technology, science and economics could forever pour out the honey of money for finance to thrive. But they didn't. We were techies, nerds and activists. Our opposable thumbs were ashamed of the logics of all that we saw. So we started out determined path against all of it, supporting the uprising communities of men and women who would resist. We don't know if it makes sense to tell you how we spent our days back then. Maybe what we wanted to tell all those people was just: don't be afraid, stand up;dignity, determination, bravery. These maybe the only words in our manifesto that really matter.

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